1. Marc

    Landscaping underway

    The promised of landscaping that was made at the Community meeting has started. 8 areas are being laid to lawn, and there are many new trees and flower beds being made.
  2. peter the postie

    Pics of new ferry terminal landscaping

    Well I just got back after a flying visit to Altinkum. I managed to snap a few pics of the new ferry area The landscaping, and numerous newly planted palm tree's look very promising.
  3. R

    Landscaping costs

    Hi All, We've managed to get most of the house sorted out so now we need to tackle the garden. The garden isn't huge but its just soil which is full if bits of rubble etc. We are looking to have it rotovated and an area grassed (around 40-50sqM). We intend to put plants/trees in ourselves but...
  4. R


    Hi I'm looking at getting my new garden leveled, the quote I've been given todate is around £4,000 for all the work, I'm getting another quote from someone else Some of the cost includes; 47m wall (50cm high) = £950 Railing to go along the above wall = £1500 Level the garden (about 400m2) =...
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