1. Gill

    can't call landlines with Vodafone!!

    Hubby has a pay as you go Turkish mobile on the vodafone network and can't call turkish land lines -a message says -there is no permission??? my Turkcell phone doesn't have this problem. Other people with the vodafone network get the same messgae -they can ring international numbers and...
  2. W


    Does anyone know if you still have to have residencey to apply for a landline with Turk Telecom? Sue
  3. P

    Skype calls to UK landlines £1.95 per month

    Probably a repost but just thought I would flag up the new deal with Skype (and no - I dont work for them :)) Make unlimited landline calls to the country of your choice for just £1.95 per month I have just downloaded this onto the laptop - so when I come out I just bring the skype phone and...
  4. Pennie

    Free phonecalls to Turkey & UK landlines

    Just been chatting to Mustaq and he has given me a link to a site called WWW.VOIPSTUNT.COM . Download it and you get free calls to UK landlines. Just tried it and it works brilliantly Also works to Turkish get dialling :307bt: thats me........
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