1. O

    Broadband through landline at Turquoise

    Has anybody who is staying at Turquoise having issues with broadband through landline at the moment?
  2. keny

    cost of TTNET landline calls too UK?

    Does antone know the cost oer minute or if there are any access number to dial first?Thanks.
  3. Tommie

    Landline problem

    I have both a landline and internet. They work OK however if I use the phone whilst on the internet I lose my internet connection which is with TTNET. I've tried swapping the filter but with no joy. The router's about 4 years old. This has been a problem since day 1. The lead from the filter...
  4. J


    is it easy to get a landline and what does it cost per year
  5. N

    Best landline / Internet deals

    Thanks for all the advice re telephone connection. Is it right I still have to go through Turkish telecom first off for the landline . One thread suggested turkcell for the Internet. I take it they cannot install the landline.
  6. A89

    landline problem

    Im having problems with my landline phone. If someone calls the internet cuts out and vice versa but not only that,I cant hear the person because of a loud 'white noise' sound. I tried taking the phone cable out of the splitter and put the cable from the wall directly into the phone but it...
  7. C

    Getting landline from Turk telecom

    Hi all, Friends of mine are going for their first ikamet this week and then want to get a landline and internet put in, they have been told off someone you now have to have your ikamet 12 months before you can do this, and that you no longer have to go to Turk Telecom in Alanya (Oba) you can go...
  8. peter the postie

    How can I call a Turkish landline cheaply?

    I need to make some calls to Turkey. I'm on Virgin so what is my best option?
  9. thingthong

    Mobile number or Landline

    Hi I was just wondering is there any waying of telling if a turkish number ,is either a mobile number or a Landline? Thanks.................

    skype to landline deal.

    Skype are doing a deal at the moment where you can choose one country to call any landline numbers for £2.95 per month.Fair usage applies,there is a limit of 10,000 minutes a month(no,not a typo error). It does not include any non geographical numbers,but if you go to 'say no to 0870'...
  11. Lindacm

    Cheap landline number

    There used to be a number (10/95) that you could use to get cheaper calls to the U.K from Turkey. Used this once before, tried to use yesterday but it didn't work! Can anyone shed any light on this? Thanks, Linda
  12. L

    Call free from your landline

    Hello just read this from the computer shopper magazine I may give it a go ,would like to know what others think of it it says that you can make a 10 min call within the UK or to across the world,you dont need to be on the internet you can just use your normal phone. As soon as your time is up...
  13. peter the postie

    Landline or Mobile?

    Could anyone tell me if the following number is landline or mobile please. I edited some numbers but only a few in the middle 05393212427.
  14. immac

    Phone Charges (landline)

    From SABAH newspaper: "Long distance phone call prices become very cheap Telekom increased the prices of local calls by 27%; but decreased the prices of long distance phone calls by 57%. EU forces, the local call prices increase According to the new phone call tariffs of Turk Telekom...
  15. B

    landline connection

    can anyone tell me how you go about getting a landline connection in yesilkent and what the cost involved is please?
  16. merlin

    Free 0845 number to your landline....

    Details here Merv!
  17. merlin

    All UK landline calls for £6/month....

    During July, Talk-Talk (part of Carphone Warehouse) is offering its ‘unlimited calls all times to UK landlines’ package at £7.99/month plus the first three months free, effectively £6/month over a year, though after a year it jumps to £12.99/month so ditch it then...
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