1. T

    The Owl Has Landed

    Slow-Mo video captures flying precision of last seconds of flight. Amazing nature - The Eagle Owl
  2. Yildez Datca

    Kas - TLF'ers have landed!

    As Kas gets ready to celebrate the wedding of the year - our very own Soo and her beau Chris - the ladies from TLF are preparing to hit the shops of Kas! After a riotous evening on the roof terrace of Hideaway Hotel - at one point the Fire Brigade arrived to put out a fire on the hill just...
  3. shirleyanntr

    barak obama landed

    just watching the news channels, all of them showing Obama arriving. He's gone direct to his hotel and will start talks tomorrow. He made a great speech today in Prague and pledged himself to getting rid of the threat of nuclear warfare..even though he realistically said he didnt think it would...
  4. Marc

    MOT has Landed!! My day in Soke test station

    So I needed an MOT, I have a few friends who have been through the process so sought reassurance. No problem my mate said, go past the Soke Outlets and its after the lights on the left hand side. Take your Rusat (registration), Sigorta (Insurance), and Current Tax document, oh yes get there...
  5. jcrian

    What landed in our back garden

    I have just come back from 10 days in France with our neighbours.We had a text to say that a car had rolled through their hedge and dropped about ten feet onto their lawn.Fortuantely no one was hurt. Two days later we had another text to say that there was another bad accident in the village...
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