1. D


    Hello Everyone and Happy New Year! I hope its a great 2022 for everyone.
  2. K

    Bank or land

    For the first time i am thinking of taking our monet out the bank and buying a plot of land. Several plots have gone up 40% in two years. Interest rates are down and it seems more security in land than banks in these troubled times.
  3. F

    Land of Legends Waterpark

    Was thinking of bringing kids to this in a couple of weeks. Anyone know of a wa yto get to cheaper entry tickets ?
  4. S

    Gulen in the Land of the Free

    Ex-Trump aide Mike Flynn says Gulen kidnap allegations 'false' - BBC News
  5. A

    LaLa Land the Movie

    We went to see this in Cardiff today and were very very disappointed. It is neither a musical nor a love story but a teeny bit of both. The 2 main actors were over acting all the way and he had close knit eyes that looked wrong. Have no idea whatsoever why it is up for 11 BAFTA awards. What...
  6. Yalides

    Mollaq`s Manx land

    The Isle of Man (pronounced "I Love Man") is a small island nation located just off the west coast of England. Often described by tourists as "a bit like that island in Father Ted, except it isn't funny," the Isle of Man is a vast, tax-dodging populace of stereotypical billionaires...
  7. T

    Buying farm land / tarla under 10.000m2 with foreign passport

    Hey guys, At the moment, is it possible for foreigners to buy farm land that is under 10.000m2? I had a couple of real estate agents mentioning that it's not possible, however some say it is. I also can't find any info on that online, here are some resources that I checked: Guidance for...
  8. ted j

    UK Land registry faces privatisation

    Land Registry faces privatisation | Politics | The Guardian It might make them work harder and actually get some things right We had a small problem with the land registry when we sold our house and despite what information is available on Google (90% of which is actually wrong)..... after...
  9. S

    Planning to buy some land in Yesilyurt

    Dear Forum, We are husband and wife from the UK. My husband recently went to Turkey (mediterranean) for working/holiday and decided to move there in a near future. Anyway, he met some people there and one of them is an estate agent. We just got some news that there is some land for sale in a...
  10. R

    Not land line available or cable hook up.

    In a NEW building in a new area. The lines for cable and phone service are not run to the building. May not be available for...................... Can I get internet service through a satellite provider? I stream US TV so I dont think a cell phone data service would work....unless they have an...
  11. W

    Uzumlu land and property devaluing?

    Hi does anybody know anything about this?
  12. F

    2B land in gökbel - title deeds now available

    The government scheme for buying title deeds for 2B land in Gökbel has been outlined and the current rate quoted is 150,000TL payment to the government for 1000m/sq of land with the possibility of up to a 50% discount for payment in full and promptly. Those who have 2B land would be well advised...
  13. Yalides

    Never never land

    Ed Miliband's pins hopes of election victory on £2.5bn cash boost for NHS | Daily Mail Online We all know where you live Ed......
  14. T

    Tesco hoarding land

    Tesco owns enough unused land to build 15,000 houses, according to an analysis of Land Registry records by the Guardian. Back in 2007, the Competition Commission investigated the amount of unused land owned by supermarkets. It concluded that the company was sitting on 4.5 million square metres...
  15. A

    Tapu on agricultural land ...

    Ateer 9 years we have finally received the shared tapu on a 1000 sq metres of agricultural land . In hisaronu village near Marmaris it is in both our names so ii is possible to do it ! Time to celebrate
  16. M

    2 Plots of land for sale in Akbuk

    Land for sale Akbuk 2 plots -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Two plots of land for sale in a prime position in Akbuk views of Akbuk and Altinkum plots (1) 354 m2 and (2 ) 390 m2 planning for a large detached villa info via pm please regards...
  17. B

    Bank Debt charges on land in Turkey

    I can do with some help regarding this matter,as I am totaly confused? It goes like this, I have looked at some land,which is reasonably priced,to purchase for future investment. After doing a bit of research, found out that, the bank has interest on the actual land.Not mentioning any details of...
  18. K

    Government land transfers

    When I bought my 3,300m2 of land, it was apparently sold to me on a map that differed from the governments (army) map. I therefore found that my villa was part built illegally. I understand that there were many other people in the same boat. Fortunately last year the government agreed to give...
  19. Mohamm6d

    Persian Land

    Hi every body Im Mohammad from Iran , the Persian land Nice to meet and know u more ! Im going to find some information about being in Turkey I like there because its culture and beautiful places Kind regards
  20. R

    Land value

    Hi, does anybody have a rough idea of the value of land per square metre in Turgutreis? I'm looking a for guide price on agricultural land with 5% planning and building land with about 40% planning. The land is set back from the town on the top/side of a hill with sea views. Thanks in advance...
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