1. N

    What happened to my brothers lamb?

    This is a true story, I realise it sounds like a wind up but seriously, this really happened last year and he is still wondering what happened to it. My brother had two lambs which were 9 months old at the time but one was really poorly. When he checked on them in the morning he found one...
  2. PASH

    Awww, poor wee lamb!

    Turkey's PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan says his government could ban Facebook and YouTube, arguing that opponents are using social media to attack him. BBC News - Turkey PM Erdogan threatens to ban Facebook and YouTube Apologies, just noticed another thread running under heading you tube, similar...
  3. S

    Lamb Vindaloo and a John Smiths

    Hi peeps I'm in Alanya 25 Dec - 1st Jan, yay! 1. Is it dead there? 2. What's the temparature? 3. Where's the best curry (a real one, not school dinnery) and beer and will it be open that week? Thanks
  4. mollag

    Lamb and stuff

    Im in the mood for a moan, this clip is from Alisons post , just over 2 years old about the high price of meat. Saying that, I was in Kipa on Saturday and the price of lamb has come down. Chops were 26lira/kg compared to 34lira last week. Neck chops were 20lira a kilo I was in Carrefour on...
  5. S

    Leg of Lamb

    I've just bought a leg of fresh lamb in my local supermarket at £4.00 (11tl) a kilo. It may not be sunny and warm here just now but hmmmm will we enjoy eating dinner tonight.
  6. V

    lamb shanks

    Made these a couple of weeks ago for the family, delicious cooked in red wine and redcurrant sauce, but very expensive..... £14 for four! They were big and really meaty but considering this used to be a cheap boiling joint, used in much the same way as ham hock, I thought this was quite expensive.
  7. Angela Stansfield

    Eagle Takes Lamb

    I thought this was pretty unbelievable!!! Golden eagle clutches bloodied lamb in its razor-sharp talons | Mail Online
  8. arrian

    turkish lamb

    this sounds delicious! Watch this spice: Skye Gyngell's Turkish delights - Features, Food & Drink - The Independent
  9. G

    Lamb tikka for Thing thong

    I noticed in the thread that is asking what we miss from home that Thing thong said lamb tikka. We use the recipe below for chicken and lamb, it is really really scrummy. I am going to use it on paneeer at the weekend and see if it works with that. half teaspoon garlic paste half teaspoon...
  10. rafiki

    Skewered Lamb!!!!!!

    Man charged over sheep sex in Germany Reuters | Thursday, 5 April 2007 BERLIN: A man has been charged with breaking German animal protection laws after he was caught on camera having sex with sheep, police said. The sheep's owner became suspicious last year and installed video surveillance...
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