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    Review of Lakeside Garden - Tuzla

    Well where do I start? I've been back in the UK now for almost a month and only just found time to write up a little review! This was my first ever trip to Turkey and I'll be honest, I'd never really considered Turkey as a holiday wrong can a person be? I loved every second...
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    Lakeside Tapus and Habitation Certificates

    Hello to all forum users, It's our first time posting a thread so excuse us if we don't follow the correct protocol just yet - we're learning you see. We are hope to become regular residents up at Lakeside, Akkaya and if everything goes to plan we take ownership of our Lakeview villa (1 of 36...
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    Lakeside Gardens

    Morning all, just booked for my family to go to Lakeside Gardens in July, cant wait as it looks stunning! Im after a bit of advice. Are all the other resorts (Flamingo etc) within walking distance and how far away (walking wise!) is the nearest Village? Also what sort of prices for food and...
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    Christmas at Lakeside Garden

    If anyone is thinking of spending Christmas in Turkey this year the restaurant at Lakeside Garden are arranging Christmas Dinner along with events on Christmas Eve and the day after Boxing Day. There will also be a programme for New Year if there are enough people interested so let them know as...

    Curbanoglu/ lakeside

    Has anyone from Lakeside/ Akkaya recieved or heard anything regarding their tapu yet. It's now been nearly a year and half since the final payment was made. I know some people in other parts of Turkey have waited longer but i would just like to know. Jeannie :3:
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    Lakeside Garden AGM - 6th May

    We are now less than 2 weeks away from the first Lakeside Garden AGM on 6th May. Many owners are attending and many others have arranged proxy votes. I am sure that this will be a very interesting meeting. Although Artev will be attending as they still own a number of properties, I have also...
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    Garden furniture for apartment on Lakeside

    Hi, I have an apartment on Lakeside Gardens and was wondering if anyone knew what delivery was like at B&Q (Koctas) Bodrum. We are going out in May and would like some outdoor furniture - or if anyone can suggest any other furnishing stores, websites, etc. Thanks.
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    Hi Just starting a new tread for Lakeside villas, a part of the Curbanoglu project.:rockon:
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    Lakeside Garden Owner - Looking for other rentals for wedding party

    Hi, we own on Lakeside Garden. We are getting married in Bodrum in June 2010 and are looking for other owners who are willing to rent apartments & villas to our wedding party. Look forward to hearing from you! Look forward to hearing from you! Jo, Ardea 44.
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    Property for Sale - Lakeside

    Hi All, Property for Sale: Lakeside Villas Property now sold.

    Photos of Lakeside

    Kinda half learnt how to put photos on here but some of them are long ways up, how do you fix that? Any help greatly appreciated. Jeannie :der:
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    lakeside gardens

    Hi Has anyone bought on lakeside gardens? have you been advised that your property is 95% ready? Has anyone been near that area recently to know if the roads, amenities, beach , pools etc are finished? We got a letter yesterday to say they want the last instalment on the due date 31/5/08 but...


    Has anyone been to Akkaya or passed through. i was just wondering how Lakeside Villas were coming along
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    Lakeside Gardens

    Hi I have recently joined and would like to know if there is anybody out there who is thinking of buying an apartment in lakeside gardens built by Artev Homes.
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