1. bickern

    Rescue of a puppy in a frozen lake (Turkey)

    Rescue of a puppy in a frozen lake (Turkey) Rescue of a puppy in a frozen lake (Turkey) - BBC News - 30th December 2018 - YouTube
  2. IbrahimAbi

    Castle found under lake Van

    A lost 3,000-year-old castle has been discovered by divers and researchers in Turkey’s Lake Van. The spectacular ruins are thought to be those of a fortress built by the Uratu civilisation which flourished in the iron age between the 9th and 6th centuries BC. 3,000-year-old fortress discovered...
  3. suzyq

    Baby flamingos start walking in Tuz Lake

    I would love to see that. Flamingo chicks that hatched in the Tuz Lake (Salt Lake) in central Turkey have started walking, creating a visual feast for photographers. Around 10,000 flamingo couples incubate there every year, making Tuz Lake one of their most important breeding grounds. Baby...
  4. Number6

    RIP Greg Lake

    Sad to hear of the passing of Greg Lake today. :( Another victim of 2016. Roll on the new year...
  5. A

    baffa lake

    does anyone know who does day trips from altinkum to baffa lake in june please thanks
  6. B

    Tuzla park lake resort Property

    I have a brand new 2 bed 2 bath fully furnished all white goods never been used apartment on Tuzla park lake resort and would sell for £40k not getting time to use it so would sell. Any interest please send Pm and I will send photos
  7. juco

    Olympic Torch Takes Dive In World's Deepest Lake

    Am I missing something, what is this all about? The Olympic torch goes to space and then takes a dive in a deep lake in Russia! Are some Aliens or mermaids taking part in the Olympics? This farce called the Olympics is loosing all sense of reality, its not that long since James Bond entered...
  8. B

    Tuzla Park Lake Resort - AGM

    Hello, I wanted to ask a couple of questions about the forthcoming AGM at Tuzla Park lake resort. I have emailed them but no response and its been 8 working days. 1. what is the agenda for the meeting? and who decides 2. I wanted to know how the voting system works when you have multiple...
  9. B

    Tuzla Park Lake Resort - Reputable Cleaners

    Hello, can anyone point me the in the direction of an independent cleaning company that would do the obvious before/after rentals. I have tried to arrange through the onsite manager but not successful and the service is not as expected. thanks Balinder
  10. hayabusa

    Fishing in Koycegiz Lake

    Hi there, I am new to Koycegiz area and was wondering if you need permission or licence for fishing in the Lake. I am also keen on Sea Fishing, so would be interested in if there are any Sea Fishing Boats that go out from the Koycegiz Lake. Anyone know the area well ?.....
  11. Tommie

    Selenes - Bafa Lake

    Just spent a few days at Selenes Pension by Bafa Lake. The weather was ideal, the scenery was vivid. The food was also good as well. Took a few photos whilst I was there. Tried very hard, with some success, to take some shots of the swallows. Apart from the fact that they were rather small...
  12. B

    Bafa Lake

    Shot in the dark but would any of you be able offer advice on fishing Lake Bafa? Do we need permits, where to fish, bait etc. Any advice at all really. My Father has Parkinsons and unfortunately it really has got a grip on him. This holiday will be the last we ever have with him and my mum. My...
  13. C

    Restaurants around Bafa Lake

    Just thought I would warn everyone about a lakeside restaurant overlooking Bafa lake. On our transfer we thought it would be a good idea to stop at one of the lakeside locantas by Bafa Lake.The one we tried was Turgay Restaurant its the 1st one of two and has a jetty/cabana type dining area.We...
  14. B

    BAFA Lake Ripp Off

    Hello All. My fmily members came over and landed at Bodrum Airport yesterday. The driver stopped at Bafa Lake for refreshments on the way to Altinkum. I am warning you all now: Do not under any circumstances go to the resturant at Bafa Lake by the LUKOIL petrol station . They were charged...
  15. C

    Fishing at Lake Uluabat

    Hi, I will be going to Bursa in mid July, which is located quite near the Lake Uluabat. It seems that the lake Uluabat has a good fish population including e.g. Carps, which are fished commercially. If anyone knows an outfit that organizes fishing trips to the lake or any other contacts in...
  16. D

    Barglyium Tuzla Lake

    Does anyone who bought here through a Northern Ireland estate agency have any info on what is going on, more than likely nothing, but trying to get in contact with someone who may know something,thanks,
  17. v6cod

    Photos from today on Koycegiz lake

    Cormorant in breeding plumage. The above three are Black necked grebe.
  18. E

    wildlife around lake and forest

    hi,im curious to whats to be found in area,repltiles animals ect ? are there pathways into forest towards flamingo country club direction,thanks
  19. sunshine

    Selene's Pension Bafa Lake

    Hi has any one stayed at Selenes Pension Bafa Lake? We have been there on a day trip which involved a boat trip and a meal which was great, we were impressed by the scenery and atmosphere it had a small pool and one of those chill out caravans like the meandros restaurant. It is also a small...
  20. Yalides

    Bafa lake in october.

    October 3rd at Bafa lake.
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