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    Lagoon 380 catamaran

    HI My partner and i have just bought a catamaran in Yalikavak ,we are live aboards have moorings at Palmarina untill April then thinking of moving to Marmaris as we have heard its a bit cheeper and more company would be nice on and off as we could do with a little advice about ( Lagoon 380 's...
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    Lagoon View Website

    Hi All, I just wanted to let you know we have now got our Lagoon View banner advert up and running, Mushtaq has kindly just put it on. If you click on the banner it will take you to our Webb site and you will see what I am going to build, we are just about to submit the final drawings to the...
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    Blaming agents: Statement of Lagoon Estates Ltd.

    Dear friends, dear forum members, dear customers, After our open invitation; to sort out problems in a civilised and professionel platform, no action is taken by the blaming customer neither by the blaming estate agent. We just wanted to inform all participants of this and the Life in Fethiye...
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