1. 4

    Rodney Bewes

    What ever happened to the Likely Lads? Poor Bob Ferris died Another bit of my youth down the pan! Brilliantly written and acted
  2. S

    Tips for ( old) lads session

    Right Those men amongst you who take the odd sherbert-any tips for staying upright longer when on a bit of a session ? Bringing a mate out to my new place for a boozey few days and need to be at my alcofinest Frankly I used to be able to booze with the best of them but 7 pints now and I am...
  3. juco

    The RNLI....brave lads.

    The more and more I find out about so called charitable organisations and how most of the money never gets to the people it was intended to help, I have slowly stopped giving to them as I refuse to contribute to inflated salaries and bonuses of those at the top. I have now decided any...
  4. peter the postie

    Scousers put the heat on Salford lads

    Liverpool beat Villa 5-0 today, closing the gap at the top to just one point! Meanwhile the Salford lads look to be feeling the pressure after losing 2-0 at Fulham. It's beginning to look interesting isn't it?
  5. B

    Haway the lads

    Hi all My name is Terry from Newcastle, my wife and I have just bought an appartment at Agean Heights Altinkum and are hoping to be out there in march
  6. no-nem

    Mac lads

    Macc lads Has anybody over here or at home got any stuff by the Macc lads? if you have I would dearly love cd copies.(before you ask, they are not some tame folk group, but a quite explicit and amusing band from Macclesfield) please PM me if you can help.(for those that have not heard of them...
  7. Trevor

    howay the lads

    :):) Have just been on a website I got from the forum about Turkey and in particular the history of Altinkum and Didim - 'the ancient Didyma town was set around the Apollo Temple etc. etc........... - 'after the earthquake of 1955-56 the government started building modern concrete houses down on...
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