1. mollag

    Ladies only?

    I was thinking jokes but this is a genuine news item from the Isle of Man The government's reminding people not to trim their bushes until the end of summer. The Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture says sod banks and verges are refuges for wildlife and shouldn't be cut back...

    International ladies day

    Best wishes to all the Ladies on the this auspicious day. International Ladies Day was of course supposed to be yesterday but they took a little longer getting ready !
  3. Spurs

    Ladies & Gentlemen

    Hello everyone !!! I bet it took a few hours of meetings & sleepless nights to come up with this decision. Just need the trains to run on time now. Tube to change 'ladies and gentlemen' announcements - BBC News
  4. T

    Happy Mother's Day Ladies :)

    To Mum's everywhere, enjoy our special day, because each & every one of us is Special :) All my love to my Mum, remembered & cherished today & always xxx
  5. Philogic

    Ladies bike and tv wanted

    Ladies bike and flat screen TV wanted in Side/Manavgat area.
  6. C

    Ladies' Clothing for sale

    Short, cream,buttonless, linen jacket Size 14 - Rocha John Rocha - hardly worn. 30 tl Cherry red viscose top , round-necked with sequin detail on the neckline. Size 12 - Rocha John Rocha - never worn - 30 tl Sage green, 100% cotton trousers with straight/drawstring leg. Size 12,31"...
  7. beyazbayan

    Ladies check your pulse
  8. beyazbayan

    For the ladies.

    Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders "Call Me Maybe" By Carly Rae Jepson Military Tribute - YouTube
  9. beyazbayan

    Advice for ladies in Turkey

    Translation for ladies re holiday romance. 1. İ love you - İ think İ am in with a chance . 2. Your are very beautiful - The season hasn’t started yet / is about to finish and any port in a storm. 3. İ have been so lonely until İ met you - Take me back to your place. 4. You are my...
  10. bal canavar

    Beware Ladies

    According to the RTUK Turkeys equivalent of the broadcasting Authority the Shakira and Rhianna video "Can't remember to forget you " will make you Homosexual and has been banned and the two tv channels that showed it were fined I don't know if they also meant if men watched they to would be...
  11. SLEEPY

    Help ladies

    Can any of u fine ladies tell me how I can get rid of pong/odor from the fridges internal plastic water dispenser.I have washed and scrubbed it in everything that I can find but there is still a musty smell from it and the water it dispenses. Thanks in advance. PS The request was address to...
  12. B

    Tattooing for ladies!!!!!!!!

    BBC News - People always say the same thing about tattoos Don't worry about your tattoos, they were big news a long time ago. Bill.
  13. S

    Wanted - Ladies push bike in good condition

    Anyone got a ladies bicycle they would like to get rid of? Please let me know
  14. Carolyn

    A question (mainly) for the ladies

    What do you do girls (and boys if the situation warrants it)? You've been out on a bus tour with a load of mainly ex pats. You stop for one of several comfort breaks and dive for the ladies. There in front of you is a queue that could compete with Harrods on a sale day. Right up ahead you see...
  15. shirleyanntr

    preggy ladies protest

    following on from the thread about telekinetic babies..and expectant mothers causing men to cringe .....the brave women of Turkey are protesting they intend parading big bellies in the parks in İstanbul and Ankara at 7 pm i dont know if that means every night or just for 9 months. if you're...
  16. R

    2 Bedroom House Available to Rent near Ladies Beach Kusadasi

    Hi There I have a 2 bedroom house available to rent beside Ladies Beach. It is approximately 5 minutes walk to the beach and approximately 12 minutes walk to the centre of Kusadasi. Please email me for more information and photos. Regards Rosegarden
  17. A

    Wanted - Ladies Bicycle with Basket

    Does anybody have a ladies bicycle with a basket for sale in either Side or Antalya please? - for a Turkish lady - thank you -
  18. scotssteve

    introducing two of my most loved ladies

    A very proud granny & the first grandchild Isla Gemma Thanks to all who sent their best wishes
  19. Tommie

    New cleaner for Ladies

    Are any of you ladies looking for a new cleaner? This guy is very good. Not sure what he charges though.
  20. SLEEPY

    One For the Ladies

    Contrary to public opinion I am not a Dorothy Perkins shopper but for you folks that are they have a LIMITED OFFER 25% off and FREE WORLDWIDE DELIVERY
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