1. J

    Extension Ladder

    Does anyone know where I can rent or borrow an extension ladder I need to pain my house in May. I am near migros
  2. W

    Triple extending ladder

    Hi to all DIY members. I am looking for some advice as to where I could get a set of triple extending ladders for external painting job. Thought I would get them in TEKZEN but no luck. Second hand item would be considered.
  3. A

    Anywhere we can Hire a Ladder from?

    We need to do some outside repairs to our villa in Gundogan and are bringing some friends out with us shortly to help - the only problem is we will need a long ladder (ideally 15 meters - yes very long!!). Does anyone know if there's anywhere on the peninsular that hires out such things? If...
  4. shazeroo

    Telescopic LADDER for Sale...

    Must to my husband's disgust, we need to sell his beloved Telecopic Ladder (as we are selling our house). The ladder is very long when extended (and it locks securely into place). It is lightweight, stores away in a small space, but is absolutely brilliant for house painting, fruit picking...
  5. A

    Long Ladder or Scaffold Tower needed!

    We'll be coming out shortly to our villa in Gundogan & are intending doing some maintenance work on the outside of it. We've tried before to find somewhere that hires out ladders with no luck & are hoping that someone out there knows where you can get them from. Anywhere in the Bodrum area will...
  6. L

    Ladder for sale????

    Does anyone have a ladder for sale at least 4m long?? Please p.m. me.
  7. BigDog

    Ladder for sale....

    A man man goes to his local advertising company and asks how much it is to advertise an article. The editor replied "why sir its ten pounds per half inch to advertise in the articles for sale column ". The man ,ashen replies "oh dear, ok then". The editor then asks the man "why sir is that a...
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