1. P

    New regulations for foreigners lack flexibility

    New regulations regarding the residence of foreigners in Turkey have improved long out-of-date laws, but their lack of flexibility is hurting many non-Turkish residents, according to an Austrian researcher in Turkey. “[Long-term residents] were not taken into consideration. Within the...
  2. B

    Lack of trust in Politicians.

    Election 2015: It wasn't meant to be like this - BBC News There is a definite lack of trust in politicians of all shades, so far as the general public is concerned. Bill.
  3. K

    Leaders' lack of humour

    It's often said that people like Hitler lacked a sense of hunour, and we all find life can be easier if we can laugh about things. The true spirit of a rounded personality may also include the ability to laugh at your self, so where does this place President Erdogan? Be warned, this story...
  4. Tommie

    Lack of water stops Sheffield 1/2 marathon

    It sounds unbelievable but the Sheffield 1/2 marathon has been cancelled due to lack of water. No Water
  5. teosgirl

    lack of teachers and constant changes raise concerns in education

    Stating that there is a serious shortage of teachers in schools in Turkey, Koncuk noted that 40,000 teachers were appointed in absentia to full-time positions at state schools across the country last Monday, adding that the ministry has to appoint at least 40,000 additional new teachers next...
  6. suzyq

    Lack of cancer medicine leads to black market

    Worrying situation. Cancer drugs are starting to find their way onto Turkey’s black market, amid a growing conflict between drug firms and the Health Ministry over pricing policies. Cancer drugs that normally cost 52 Turkish Liras can fetch 900 liras in the oncology units of hospitals, daily...
  7. bickern

    Respect and lack of it

    I have been absolutely amazed at the total lack of respect that some members have shown on a particular thread. There are rules on any forum as there are in life but do we actually need to read and digest them to know when the line has been crossed. I like, nay love a nice debate come argument...
  8. Freedom 49


    We get a lot of comments on the activity of street animals and different areas seem to suffer to different degrees as to the ammount of mess they leave behind. Side, on the whole seems to be kept pretty clean on this score, responsible owners go out equipped with the 'Little bag', pick up the...
  9. val2661

    Lack of respect

    Just travelled on the town bus from Oba to Alanya Centrum and was really horrified about the lack of respect a Turkish man was showing to two very young Russian girls. This guy is a relief bus driver (about 30 years old) and has a good command of English. He was travelling on the bus...
  10. F

    Post or the lack of it !

    Has anybody else had problems getting their mail delivered in Bodrum ? We live in Turkkuyusu MH and for 4 months now have not had any mail delivered we enquired at the PTT and were told the previous post men had not been doing their job and delivering the post so had been sacked ! Which is funny...

    Lack of sleep ?

    The average married adult loses out on around 730 hours of sleep every year - thanks to their partner's snoring and fidgeting. A study discovered we lose two hours a night due to our other half's grunting, tossing or turning.That means over our lifetime we can expect to be deprived of around...
  12. maggie

    Lack of Telephone bill/Internet.

    Turk telecom no longer are sending me a phone of internet bill thro the post. Is there any way you can read these online as Im not sure if Im being diddled or not as I no longer have an itemized bill to consult. Thanks . Hugs Maggie xx
  13. mollag

    Lack of sparks

    Eeeh, our eleky is up and down like a whores drawers of late, worst spate in four years here, we are de-lighted [gerrit?] to say the least. I,m wondering is it the weather, maintenance or fire damage? Anyhoo, looks like another night watching telly by candlelight :wacko:
  14. ceemac

    Lives marred due to a lack of testing

    Sorry, have to reproduce this in full as stories from this publication do not link for some reason. "Three children developed mental disabilities as a result of not receiving a mandatory test for a genetic disorder. Treatment would have been possible had the children been diagnosed earlier for...
  15. V

    Lack of Freedom of speech?

    I believe that one of the most fundamental reasons that Turkey may not be fully intergratyed within the Europeon Union is that the lack of freedom of speech. This i can understand when a recentl post was snatched off the thread and i was asked to give more information ref the post how must one...
  16. maggie

    Lack of water.

    Hi has anybody else in akbuk no water?????? In this blazing heat we have now been without cold water since Saturday. I may have not heard or understood if any warnings were broadcast about this but I must say its getting a bit stupid. No water to flush your toilet(Steve and Teri have been...
  17. shirleyanntr

    Turkish girls lack of Education

    here is an article from yesterdays Turkish News which i find very sad...and it illustrates the job that this country has to educate women. Mothers hide girls in shed from teachers Saturday, September 29, 2007 Teachers visit villages to persuade parents to send their girls to school, some...
  18. N

    Water! (or lack of it)

    Hi there, is anybody else in Yalikavak experiencing serious problems with their water pressure? In the last two weeks we have had people staying in out apartment who have had either a complete lack of water or hardly any at all. We have been told by someone that this problem is just...
  19. cirali

    Antalya's lack of indoor pools for sports activities, teams and swimmers

    I just wrote this piece for the gumbet forum and I thought I would like to share it the the Antalya forum. Believe it or not here in Antalya ( large city with a big population ) still does not have a decent indoor swimming pool. Sure there are plenty of 5 star hotels with pools that also charge...
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