1. C

    found labrador

    I'm posting this in the hope that someone has lost a black Labrador in the gumusluk area? hes been around for the last 2-3 weeks now and is a lovely friendly boy dog around a year old i would say. we are trying to look after him as best we can but we already have 2 dogs of our own. We have given...
  2. D

    Puppy Labrador

    I hope its ok to post this on here as I know on some forum sites you cant advertise some things.. I apologise if you cant here too! But its for a cute friend :D I have a female puppy Labrador in Fethiye.. thats 6months old and needs a new home.. She so loving and well behaved! If anyone has...
  3. N

    Abandoned Labrador needs a good home

    Black labrador x This girl has been abandoned by her owners, at the moment she is being fed by a kind lady, but as she already has 2 dogs and cats of her own she cannot continue to do this . [/IMG] [/IMG] She is about 18 months old un-neutered . Good with other dogs but doesnt like cats ...
  4. luckycat68

    Found Golden Labrador Bitch

    3 days ago a beautiful golden lab bitch turned up in the garden of our restaurant We fed and watered her and she refused to leave She had obviously not long ago had pups so we didnt want to take her far away so let her stay- she has taken ownership of Cassies kennel !! There is no sightings of...
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