1. Tenpin

    Vile Labour Party

    Eric Joyce: Ex-Labour MP admits child sex offence Extract: Ex-Labour MP and former Army officer Eric Joyce has been told he faces jail after he admitted having an indecent movie of a child. Joyce, 59, had a film on a device that "depicts a...
  2. bickern

    Starmer' - Labour - What now?

    KEIR'S AN ED CASE Sir Keir Starmer appoints Ed Miliband as ‘big thinker’ to help rebuild Labour. It comes five years after ex-leader Mr Miliband failed in his bid to enter No10. Sir Keir has made him a key member of his inner circle of advisers. He believes Mr Miliband was ahead of his time...
  3. bickern

    Labour going forward

    Well, with Westminster about to convene again - of sorts - we might get to hear something from Sir Keir Starmer other than the virus. In fairness to Sir Keir Starmer, everything not virus related seems to have been put on ice the world over as far as the news media have been concerned. Labour...
  4. bickern

    Guess which one Labour suspended?

    Guess which one Labour suspended? One devoted his life to fighting racism and led UK's race watchdog - the other is accused of anti-Semitism and called terrorists his friends: GUY ADAMS compares Trevor Phillips' and Jeremy Corbyn's records Labour has suspended the former head of Britain's...
  5. Yalides

    New leader of the labour party

    I will be voting for Diane Abbott, best person for the job...
  6. immac

    Labour Party - Where Next?

    I am not a Labour supporter, but I do believe there should be a robust and healthy opposition in parliament. As the dust settles after the worst Labour defeat since 1935, the question is, which direction will Labour take? Do they accept they got things badly wrong, or do they carry on with a...
  7. Camden

    Nutella (child labour)

    Next time you give your children or grandchildren Nutella spread or tucking into your xmas Ferrero roche ... think before buying, on the child labour that brought it to your table they could have been your grand/kids .... Nearly three-quarters of the world's hazelnuts come from Turkey and...
  8. bickern

    Labour finally pulls its finger out of its arse

    Deafening pop as Labour finally pulls its finger out of its arse. Westminster was stunned today as Labour changed its key policy of ignoring Brexit and hoping Jeremy Corbyn becomes PM in the confusion, to embrace the idea of a ‘Final Say’ vote on whatever utterly crap deal Theresa May comes up...
  9. bickern

    Three categories of Labour MPs

    There are three categories of Labour MP these days: the ones who can’t stomach the idea of making Jeremy Corbyn prime minister, the ones who can, and the ones who are in denial about the question. Each camp has subtle variations. Among implacable anti-Corbynites, some are more exercised by what...
  10. immac

    Labour Back Stabbers Creeping Round

    Not much funny about the election, but I am amused to watch the behaviour of the back stabbers who did their best to destroy Corbyn, but now are trying to get back into the game. If they don´t suck-up they will be in the wilderness; they are not concerned with changing their stance on anything...
  11. B

    Is the Labour Party anti-Semitic

    The Labour Party is increasingly anti-Semitic - Telegraph Is this Labour MP right about anti-Semitism within the Labour Party? Bill.
  12. B

    Labour Leadership campaign

    England is changing and the Labour Party desperately needs to change with it - Telegraph I think that this is an article that all the Labour Leadership contenders should read. Bill.
  13. B

    Labour Leadership.

    Labour leadership: Missing - a big idea - BBC News I think that this article sums up the problem facing whoever wins the Leadership election. Bill.
  14. Sha Hoorsur

    The Labour Party.

    Where do you think the Labour party went wrong? I think their fundamental mistake (this time) was they chose the wrong Miliband. David had far more charisma than his brother Ed, but as the party has done in the past they made the wrong choice. Michael Foot, Neil Kinnock and now Ed Miliband. Will...
  15. B

    Undecided, Conservative or Labour?

    The Conservatives and Labour are both in trouble, so this is a good election to lose - Telegraph If there is still anybody undecided as to which way they will vote at the General Election, this article is worth reading...
  16. juco

    Jack Straw suspended from the Labour party

    Breaking news: jack Straw has suspended himself from the Labour party...dont know why. Found this...
  17. Spurs

    True Labour?

    He's at it again. Mandelson likes to think the Labour party is his & his alone. Can we do a whip round & pack him off to Brazil? Good old Labour for the working man..............dream on. BBC News - Labour's mansion tax plans 'crude' warns Mandelson
  18. juco

    We subsidise companies cheap labour

    Just thinking as I sit here how those gits in government get us to subsidise cheap labour for large corporate companies. We have thousands on minimum wage or zero contract hours which is bad enough, but most of them have to get top ups in benefits because the wage is too low. So the companies...
  19. Firefox

    Labour Leader 2P

    The Leader of england only had 2p to give to a Roma Gypo beggar with a hijab on the Streets of Manchester. Why is Red-Ed so Tight is it because of his Jewish upbringing? Is this a message that you should not be generous with immigrant Beggars...
  20. B

    Labour leader resigns.

    BBC News - Johann Lamont resignation: Scottish Labour leader stands down immediately If Labour carries on like this, in Scotland, they'll have no more influence up there than the Conservatives. Bill.
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