1. J

    Taxi fare - Ercan to Kyrenia?

    Hellooo Can anyone tell me how much I should expect to pay for a taxi from Ercan airport to Kyrenia please.:der: Thanks Jan:becky:
  2. J

    Hotel recommendation in Kyrenia?

    Hi everyone, Has anyone stayed here recently?, if so can you recommend a hotel that is central to restaurants, bars, shops, don't mind walking but do not want to be too far out. Thank you. Jan:clap:
  3. R

    Holiday apartment needed to rent

    Hi everyone. Does anyone have an apartment in Kyrenia town? I want to rent one for a month in May 2011. :thanks:
  4. P

    The Kyrenia International Olive Festival

    In which month do the Karenina International Olive Festival falls what is the best time to visit the place
  5. dalyansteve

    seabus to kyrenia?

    Please can anyone tell me how to book the ferry to Kyrenia on Thursday or do you turn up and hope for the best? If you are in the know or have a contact, my wife and I wish to go on Thursday this week and come back on Sunday, as we have to drive from Dalyan we don't really want to turn up after...
  6. merlin


    Situated on the north coast of Cyprus, Kyrenia, with its 6,000 year long history, unique remains of countless civilisations, miles of natural beaches, calm sea, and mild climate is an idyllic Mediterranean town. Bounded to the north by the sea and to the south by the greenery of the...
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