1. Mojive

    Happy Birthday Ms Who aka Kym:-)

    Happy Birthday Kym:party:,Heres wishing you a lovely day!! :pressie: Mo xx
  2. T

    Happy Birthday Kym

    Hi Kym (MsWho) Just saw your birthday on the list Lol! Have a lovely day and get Murat to spoil you rotten! Delighted about all your success with The Edge and other projects in Turkey. Take care of yourself x
  3. shirleyanntr

    well done our Kym

    heres a great article from yesterdays daily news..with a special mention of Kym..aka Ms Who on our forum and the group she has started. A SEASIDE VIEW - DİDİM Saturday, March 29, 2008 Hasan Bayrak Foreign branch takes root An often quoted line is �From small acorns, can great oaks grow.�...
  4. lynnmcl

    Happy Birthday Kym

    Happy Birthday Kym, Hope you have a great day & an even better night !! Have a good one. :pressie: Lynn x
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