1. S

    Kusadasi Information

    Are the bars open in Kusadasi as google maps is showing that Charlies , Anatolia ,De Javu, Mr Moons, Paradise Corner,Orkide Bar,Dent Island etc are temporarily closed although google maps are not always correct as they are still showing the New World Restaurant on 50 Yil Caddassi as open when it...
  2. T

    Airport transfer - Izmir to Kusadasi

    Hi Any recommendations for low-cost airport transfer from Izmir to Kusadasi sahil sitleri?
  3. S

    Moving to Kusadasi

    Hello, My wife and I are hopefully moving to Kusadasi next year,my wife is worried we Will not get residency permits, we own an apartment for 5 years now, we are genuinely nice people and have made some lovely Turkish friends,we come here for 2 months a year ,wish it was more, but I am still...
  4. P

    3 day trip from kusadasi to istanbul

    Have seen info re 3 day return from Kusadasi / Istanbul,lost thread.
  5. M

    Kusadasi Golf

    Hi all , I was wondering if anyone on here plays golf at the International Golf Resort. We've recently moved over here and the course looks quite decent with reasonable membership rates
  6. S

    Kusadasi Customs Office Advice Required

    Just a bit of background, I entered Turkey with my car end of June 2017. And on arrival I was given 3 month Insurance. I have a 2yr residency permit, and am given to understand I am allowed to keep my car here for up to 2 yrs. My questions are, do I simply go to my insurance broker and arrange...
  7. L

    ING Bank Kusadasi

    Hello, I am trying to find an English speaking email contact for the ING bank down on the front,any help would be appreciated. I'm looking to transfer some money back to the UK. Many thanks
  8. L

    Just moved to Kusadasi

    Hi, myself, husband and four children have just moved to Kusadasi. We have just arrived and are staying in an apartment for one month so that we can check out and research areas so that we can either rent for 6 months or buy something. We like the Karaova, soaguk area near the AVM so if...
  9. ted j

    Music shop Kusadasi

    We're off to Kusadasi tomorrow and just wondered if anyone knows of a music shop there (not one that sells cds, but one that sells musical instruments and amplifiers) Any info will be greatly appreciated
  10. M

    Car parking and quad bike hire!

    So I'm driving from Marmaris to Kusadasi in July with my boyfriend. I've been to Kusadasi before but always on a coach from Marmaris. Can anyone tell me where I can park while I'm there. We're staying in the Ilayda Avantgarde Hotel on the sea front. It's the hotel above Starbucks. Also, where...
  11. V

    New Year's Eve in Kusadasi

    hi all, we live in Altinkum, but are coming to Kusadasi for 3 nights at New Year staying at Le Blue hotel. We had a look up there last week and were told the bars on Ladies Beach will be shut NYE. The hotel is offering entertainment at 40 euro each. Would you recommend we stay at the hotel or...
  12. L

    Schools in Kusadasi

    Hi, myself and family are currently on holiday in Guzelcamli, looking around and researching properties, areas and schools. We have 2 girls age 4. My husband is turkish and im english. Were looking to move out next year as im pregnant with twins and want to have the babies in England. Am...
  13. J

    Steak house - Kusadasi

    is the steak house still open, the one opposite the marina and close by to the Chinese restaurant? Thanks :cell::smile:
  14. C&G

    Kusadasi Golf Resort

    Hi, We are just about to buy an apartment at Kusadasi Golf Resort. Any feedback, good or bad? Many thanks in advance...
  15. Tommie

    Kusadasi - Didim direct bus

    Has anyone heard anything about a direct bus service between Kusadasi and Didim as I thought I read something about it a few months ago? I know you have to go via Soke at the moment.
  16. hijo

    Power cuts in Kusadasi

    ...... that's our Electric of in Kusadasi since 7 am this morning ..not expected to back on till 2 pm..bored..
  17. M

    Bus from Soke to Kusadasi

    Can some one confirm please if there is a bus service that runs from Soke to Kusadasi at regular times of the day that passes the Kusadasi Golf and Spa Resort. Also what is the price for a round of golf including club hire. Michael
  18. W

    Wanted amateur music group in Kusadasi

    My husband and I are both enthousistic amateur musicians. We are looking for groups/bands we could join as a foreigner. Who know addresses?
  19. S

    Driving from U.K. to Kusadasi with Dogs

    Hi everyone, Our names are Gail & Steve Jones from South wales. We also have a holiday home in Kusadasi near Izmir in Turkey. We've been going back and forth by plane for the last 7 years to Kusadasi & for 10 years prior to that in Marmaris. This year as we've now retired we plan to drive down...
  20. TB2010

    Long-term rental Kusadasi

    Hi, I'm looking for a long-term in Kusadasi for 1 person in a furnished apartment, I'll be arriving mid-January, does anyone have any suggestions please? Many thanks, Tony
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