1. G

    Laundrette In Kus

    HI I will be coming to live in Kus for a few months and just wondered if anyone knows of any Laudrettes as the apartment we are going to unfortunately doesnt have a washer. The apartment will be located near to the Marina. Thanks
  2. zozatky

    Boat trips from Kus The leftovers.!!

    As anyone lately gone on a day trip with one of the many boat trips. From time We go out fishing on our boat near were they cruise to. The area they leave behind is littered with rubbish day after day & no one cleanes it up can anyone tell me Why ??? and I mean lots of rubbish .:dizzy:
  3. G

    Bank Robbery in Kus

    According to today's Zamann there was a bank robbery in Kusadasi yesterday, with some customers being held hostage. Gunmen hold hostages in attempted bank robbery in Aydın’s Kuşadası The police were negotiating with the robbers when the story went to press. Does anyone in Kus know...
  4. J

    Anyone know Yadigar or Mine Kas? (possibly Kus)

    Bahcelievler, Summer of 1988
  5. R

    Shopping delivered to your door in Kus

    A friend has started a grocery shoping service in the silver sands area.She will do any amount of shopping for you from Migros and deliver it to your door for a fixed fee of 15 ytl.(plus the cost of the shopping of course)Pm if anyone wants the phone number. :cell:
  6. G

    Who will be in Kus 17-24 Ctober

    Hi We (me and other half John) will be over in Kus on above dates anyone else over at that time?
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