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    Rather than take the Kurdish protests thread off topic, I'm starting this one to find out more about Kurds and Kurdistan. Watching the Kurds sacrifice so much in standing up to ISIS got me thinking what an independent country called Kurdistan would be like. (Let's assume, however unlikely...
  2. ceemac

    Turkey will open consulate in Iraqi Kurdistan region in May

    The Turkish consul said the usage of the word ‘Kurdistan region’ is not a problem. “As long if the word is used together with Iraq,” Here C
  3. merlin

    Kurdistan.... or just Alice in Wonderland

    This interesting look at Kurdistan was taken from someone I greatly admire as an author and journalist, Robert Young Pelton... His website is at the foot of this post if you would to explore more of his stories and antics. Kurdistan is one of those Alice in Wonderland type countries that do not...
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