1. Camden

    Israel buying Kurdish oil shipped via Turkey

    Now You See It... The Mystery of the Disappearing Tankers That Carry Kurdish Oil to Israel Apr 10, 2018 Northern Iraq has oil bubbling out of the ground and a Kuwaiti oil trader in Sweden knows where it’s heading One day Samir Madani, a Kuwaiti oil trader living in Sweden, noticed something...
  2. R

    Kurdish wedding

    Hi Can someone please tell what finger a kurdish man wears his wedding ring on
  3. mollag

    Kurdish Camel

    Is this the straw that will break the camels back? An expansion of the Kurdish enclave. A possible future Kurdistan. An oil rich Kurdistan will always be welcomed by the West, but at Turkish, Syrian,Iranian and Iraqis expense. So complicated, my friend is my other friends enemy etc . So, if...
  4. Kingfisher

    The Kurdish question

    Dates from last month but an interesting point of view: "For Erdogan, now it is a perfect time to fan the flames of a nasty civil war. Nothing can work better than the arrest of Kurdish politicians, shutdown of their media outlets and nationalistic jingoism." To Transform Turkey, Erdogan Needs...
  5. D

    Kurdish Bomb in Cizre Kills 11 Police

    Car bomb attack in Turkey kills 11 police; 78 wounded
  6. suzyq

    Turkey's First Kurdish Language Search Engine

    Turkey’s first search engine in the Kurdish language has gone online after five years of technical work, research and development. The search engine, called “Sekretin” – meaning success in Kurdish – will also have a video-sharing website in the next few months, its manager Serdar Anuştekin told...
  7. teosgirl

    HDP offices and Kurdish businesses attacked throughout Turkey

    HDP offices violently attacked in several anti-terrorism protests - LOCAL Alanya is mentioned. From the pictures I've seen, especially Balikesir and Kirsehir, things have become pretty violent. Charlotte
  8. T

    KURDISH GENOCIDE Iraq 1980's (25 years ago)

    Hundreds of thousands of men, women and children were executed during a systematic attempt to exterminate the Kurdish population in Iraq in the Anfal operations in the late 1980s. Kurdish genocide began decades before the Anfal and has claimed countless victims. The genocide perpetrated over...
  9. T

    ISIS run away from Kurdish fighters and Turkish army protect ISIS

    Only have Turkish article. Turkish Army yet again save members of ISIS they repeatedly show who Turkey support. ???D Kobene'den Kaç?p Askerlere S???nd?
  10. T

    Remembering Ortasu (Roboski in Kurdish)

    Article extract Selahattin Demirtaş, co-chair of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) has joined the commemoration of the 34 villagers who lost their lives in a Turkish military airstrike in 2011 in the southeastern province of Şırnak, calling on the government find those responsible for the...
  11. T

    Kurdish protests in various parts of Turkey

    Kurds are protesting about the lack of support for Kurdish fighters in Kobani. Places are on fire. Some people have died and others injured. http://www.bestanuce1.com/haber/137080/varto-da-polis-gercek-mermi-kullaniyor
  12. T

    Kurdish schools closed

    Turkish government closed Kurdish schools in Eastern Turkey, AKP declare the schools are illegal. Why is AKP so afraid of the Kurds speaking their own Kurdish language? AKP would probably prefer the children attended schools where learning the muslim religion is compulsory. 'Police have once...
  13. T

    Bill to support Peace Process

    Turkey submits bill to boost Kurdish peace process. The bill was long sought by pro-Kurdish politicians, partly to remove the risk of those involved in the talks being prosecuted if the political climate in Turkey turned against the process in the future. The draft law protects anyone involved...
  14. newhorizon

    Turkey warns citizens to leave all but Iraq's Kurdish north

    Ref: Reuters "Turkey extended a warning to its citizens in Iraq to leave all but the Kurdish-run north on Wednesday, citing a potential battle for Baghdad and saying "negative propaganda" was being spread against it in the Shi'ite-dominated south of the country. The foreign ministry urged...
  15. shirleyanntr

    Choir axed because of Kurdish song

    where is the Peace Process now ''The Antakya Civilizations Choir, promoting tolerance through its multicultural and multilingual songs, has previously performed in Germany and the US. The Antakya Civilizations Choir, promoting tolerance through its multicultural and multilingual songs, has...
  16. John O' Dreams

    Kurdish hopes

    From South Africa to Northern Ireland, the lesson about ending conflicts is the same: it starts with talking to your enemies. After more than a quarter of a century of armed conflict that has cost more than 40,000 lives, Turkey seems to have taken this lesson to heart. Two days before Christmas...
  17. John O' Dreams

    Kurdish Hunger Strikers

    I've just come across this. What a terribly worrying situation: PM Erdogan Must Respond to the Demands of the Kurdish Hunger Strikers Peace in Kurdistan Campaign OPEN LETTER TO TURKISH PRIME MINISTER TAYYIP ERDOGAN Hundreds of Kurdish prisoners are now taking part in a hunger strike which...
  18. Firebrand

    21 March: Kurdish new year

    Next Wednesday 21 March is Newroz - the Kurdish new year. Traditionally a time where people gather to dance, dress up and welcome the new year. There is also a tradition of jumping over lighted fires - it is said to purify (possible from the time when the majority of Kurds were Zoroastrians, a...
  19. Firebrand

    Kurdish women get behind the wheel

    How refreshing to see such a positive story about Kurdish women. Turkish women get behind the wheel | World news | guardian.co.uk Most of the stories that emerge from Baglar, the largest and poorest district in Diyarbakir, in south-east Turkey, have been reports of violent clashes between...
  20. millilove76

    Kurdish Strike over Bombing!

    I've just spoken to my husband who told me that the next few days in the South East will be very quiet. Many Kurdish businesses are closing for up to 3 days in a show of anger at the bombing that killed many civilians (the youngest now believed to be just 12 years old) by the Turkish Goverment...
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