1. Freedom 49

    PTT hours for Kurban.

    This Friday 31st July starts the 4 day Kurban Bayram celebrations. Just a reminder to say that the Post Offices and all Banks will be closed from midday on the Thursday and reopen Tuesday 4th August. Enjoy your mangals!!
  2. Akasya

    Kurban Bayram

    Iyi Bayramlar Arkadaslar Steve n Jackie
  3. hayabusa

    Eid up Adha - Kurban Bayrum

    Just to let all the expats know that Kurban Bayrum will be this coming Sunday, 11th, August. So, all the Muslims will go for morning prayers at local. Squeeze, then after returning back home, slaughter an animal as a sacrifice for what Prophet Ibrahim was going to do to his son and all of a...
  4. Freedom 49

    Kurban Bank Closure.

    Just a thought. If any of you need to do any banking then you have an hour or so left to get there today. Next week, most banks will be closing at Midday on Monday as Kurban Bayram kicks in on Tuesday. Apparently, they will be closed for the rest of next week, opening again with regular hours...
  5. beyazbayan

    Kurban and pets

    Please keep your pets in the house during the festival for their own safety.
  6. Yalides

    Kurban bayrami

    Tomorrows dinner, yummy.....
  7. C

    kurban bairam

    i think many of them heard about our religious festival ''Kurban Bairam''.. can you please share your thoughts and feelings with reasons about it..do you think that is it bad for animals?? Or you think that,bairam is ok, but the way used to animals is wrong?? or such else?
  8. E

    Getting away in the Kurban Bayram week

    Things really grind to a halt in that week so I've used up all my THY miles and smiles ( air miles) and booked a business class seat to Bologna for a week! I don't know that part of Italy, but the thought of being able to hear and speak Italian for a week is great! Because I booked it now I got...
  9. shirleyanntr

    Kurban animals sold in spermarkets.

    İ wonder if this will catch on. Seems a good alternative to killing in the street or garden. After all once upon a time in the uk many animals were killed in villages for festivals. Now its all supermarket trade..or most of it is. FT.com / Companies / Retail - Sacrifice trade draws Turkish...
  10. Yalides

    Kurban bayrami

    See all the sheep for sale just before Kipa today ready for the holiday. Anyone buying one ?
  11. KKOB

    Kurban Bayrami November 2009

    Another reminder that the Kurban Bayrami / Feast of the Sacrifice holiday starts on the afternoon of Thursday 26th November and lasts until Monday 30th November. Many Banks, Schools and Government offices will close early on the 26th and won't re-open until Tuesday 1st December.
  12. KKOB

    Kurban Bayrami November 2009

    Kurban Bayrami (Eid el-Adha), the "Feast of Sacrifice" on 10 Zilhicce (Dhul-hijja) of the Islamic Hijri calendar, will affect your travel plans if you travel in Turkey during the four-day holiday—which can stretch to a week or more, depending upon the dates: 2009, November-December: begins with...
  13. S

    Kurban Bayrami

    Hi Can anybody confirm details regarding Kurban Bayrami. We understand that it will take place on Dec 8th - 11th and that during this time everything is closed while the Turkish community celebrate this important festival. We are planning on visiting Akbuk on Dec 15th for 5 days and were...
  14. KKOB

    Kurban Bayram - The Consequences

    This from the Turkish Daily News. The Animals Have The Last Word ? " The Feast of the Sacrifice ended yesterday with more than 1,800 people injured and three people died of heart failure while trying to butcher their animals, news agencies reported. Many also had difficulties trying to...
  15. mavi

    Kurban Bayram, whats it about?

    20-23rd December 2007 Feast of the sacrifice BIBLICAL TRADITION The festival celebrates the Biblical and Kur'anic account of Abraham's near-sacrifice of his son on Mount Moriah, proving Abraham's complete obedience to God. In the story, God stays Abraham's hand at the last moment and provides...
  16. lorraine

    Kurban Bayram in Fethiye...

    I have just read this in the Fethiye Times. Now Due t the Bayram festival the Tuesday Market will be closed, but I think even I will give the market place a miss this Tuesday!! Fethiye Times Wednesday, 04 January 2006 Kurban Bayram - The Festival of the Sacrifice Starts on 10...
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