1. B

    Live webcam Kumkent Cafe Akbuk

    Found this the other day for anyone that may be interested... This is a live webcam at the bottom of "Kumkent Site " in Akbuk. Miss that sunshine...! kumkentcafe on Justin.tv Mel.
  2. B

    Kumkent Site Akbuk

    From this weeks Voices Newspaper... ..."Migros Türk A.Ş, which owns the Tansaş Supermarket chain, has built the new store in front of the Kumkent housing estate and is now trading. But Kumkent residents have launched a legal battle with the supermarket giant after they claimed its agreement...
  3. maggie

    Kumkent Sitesi

    hi does anyone live on this kumkent site as i have looked at a prperty to buy there wonderred what it was like also gorkem site any one know if they are nice areas or not .cheers maggie x
  4. B

    PVC Cladding on "Kumkent" Akbuk.

    Forgive me if this has already been mentioned. We have bought a house on the "Kumkent" complex in Akbuk. Is there any other members got a house on there? We have noticed that many houses on the complex have had a White PVC Cladding fitted to the outside of their homes to improve their...
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