1. lilacdiana

    Kaya Koy

    When we visit Ovacik in the summer my daughter and I would like to visit the "Ghost Village" . My question is we would rather not go as part of a tour so can we get a dolmus there or should we go by taxi? What time of the day is best and does anyone have a recommendation of where to eat there as...
  2. ZiaCa'

    Buying in Kabak Koy, nr Fethiye

    A friend is thinking of buying land in Kabak Koy - does anyone know if it's an area available or not for foreigners to buy?
  3. KKOB

    New Dolmus Route Serving Kaya Koy

    The Kayakoyu Muhtarligi has started a new route running directly between Kaya and Fethiye using the mountain road. The dolmus currently leaves Fethiye for Kaya at 0900, 1330 and 1830 daily. It leaves Kaya for Fethiye at 0730, 1100 and 1530. The fare is 3 TL eachway. The main departure point...
  4. KKOB

    Kaya Koy to Karagozler Walk Monday 12th October

    I'm going to arrange a walk from the Kaya Valley to the Boatyard at Karagozler for Monday 12th October, weather permitting. We'll meet at the starting point in the Kaya Valley at 2pm. Dolmuses for Kaya Village and Gemiler Beach leave Fethiye on the hour from the area behind the big white...
  5. J

    urgent, villa to rent Hisaronu, Ovacik, Kaya Koy

    Hi, does anyone have a villa available from tomorrow until 7th August, for 7 people. I have some friends who arrived this morning. Sorry I haven't introduced myself, new to forum, will follow with introductions later, once I have helped sort out this family. :juggle:
  6. peter the postie

    Koy 2

    While in Altinkum Denise & I had the pleasure of meeting Kym (Ms Who) and her hubby Murat. Kym has turned out to be invaluable help to us and we'd both like to thank her & Murat. Kym also has another confidant constantly at her side nowadays, so if anyone sees her loitering in Altinkum with a...
  7. N

    deniz koy beach

    Hi I have heard that deniz koy beach, between Akbuk and Altinkum is very beautiful. Can anyone give me directions of how to get to it from Akbuk? Also any pictures would be good. Thanks Angela
  8. Susan

    Croquet Club Kaya Koy

    I have been sorting out my files on my computer this morning and throwing stuff away, I came across the below article a little while ago,and have not seen it mentioned anywhere and wondered if the Croquet Club in Kaya Koy still existed. Cannot even tell you where I copied and pasted it from...
  9. Higgy

    Sedof Koy - Mavisehir

    Pearl Village or Mother of Pearl Village. I am caught between the Devil and The Deep Blue Sea - should I tell people about the place or keep it hush hush, on one hand I want to shout louder than the Imams the other says keep silent like the still night air. If you want night life, wall to wall...
  10. firbyfred

    deniz koy

    we have just come back from a very enjoyable holiday at some very nice villas in deniz koy. although we were a bit isolated we really enjoyed the dolmus service, who operates the service? we used to walk down to a lovely local beach (15 mins)which the sand went out a long way great for...
  11. S

    Places to eat and drink Olu Deniz, Kaya koy and Hisaronu

    Jarvids Place Has any one been to Jarvids' in the Kaya valley? He is a wonderful old man who eaks out a living on his smallholding in the valley. he has a sort of restaurant, the sort that gets 5 customers a week as it a bit remote. However his food is wonderful, you have to warn him you are...
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