1. C

    Ferry to kos

    Hi anyone done this trip,looking for costs time table etc.thanks chris.
  2. L

    Bodrum to kos ferry

    I'm wanting to go on a day trip to Kos by ferry. I have my UK registered car on my passport. Can I leave the car at Bodrum ferry port whilst I go over to Kos? Do I need to fill any forms in etc? Thank you for any advice
  3. davidmbell

    Is Visa required for day visit from Kos to Turkey?

    I hope Kos isn't a banned word on here, but we're holidaying there in September (after years and years of Turkey, then a few years off, plus Crete in between). Anyway, to get my 'fix' while we're in Kos I hope to come across to Bodrum, scoot over to Turgutries for an hour or so, and back for a...
  4. L

    Bodrum -Kos Ferry

    We are thinking of spending a week in Kos in May For A Week And Have FOUND some good accommodation but unless l am doing something wrong, it states that the Bodrum/Kos ferry is only running Tue/Sat/Sunday and is £86.70 return for two people. Does this seem correct? I know it's still early in...
  5. M

    Bodrum to Kos day trip

    Hi, after 12 years my fridge is finally dying so I am about to buy a new fridge freezer and intend to go to Kos on a day trip to fill it up. Can anyone recommend a good butcher near the ferry port? Another dilemma is for those who have done it - as it will be quite heavy what bags do you use to...
  6. F

    bodrum to kos options for travel

    Hi all wondered if theres any option to travel from bodrum to kos at around midday to 4pm on a tuesday
  7. teosgirl

    Turgutreis to Kos day ferry

    Hi, I'm planning a trip to Kos in the next week or two. From my online research I believe I can take a ferry from Turgutreis to Kos for 19 Euro day return. I was wondering if anyone has done this trip, if so, can you tell me where to purchase tickets and if I should book in advance. Also...
  8. mollag

    Kos query

    Does anyone know if there is any problem in Kos if a Turkish vehicle is taken over and used for a weekend? im thinking of a scooter in the main------Cheers
  9. Briand

    Kos Run.

    Like many others our Residency needs renewing in July we just hope its all sorted by then with a bit of luck !!!!! but not holding my breath lol. :42: :director: Can we do the Kos run and get a ninety day visa just an option if we need too use it cheers. PS I only want info from persons that...
  10. G

    Day Trip To Kos Help Please!

    Hi All, I intend to visit Kos in the next couple of days, I need to know exactly where the Ferry Terminal is in Bodrum, what time it leaves and where I can park my Hire car for the day. (I am driving from Akbuk) Your help appreciated
  11. kemerkid

    Kos to Bodrum

    Have any members here made the trip from Kos Int A/port to Bodrum. I have a friend who wants to come to Bodrum in the early part of April but as many are probably aware the air fair at that time is very expensive. The ferry times from Kos to either Bodrum or Turgutreis I can find out about...

    Duty Free From Kos.

    Had a phone call from a good friend tonight who has been to Kos for the day today via the ferry that leaves from the Bodrum Harbour[ Castle area}. It seems there is a new Polis officer there who is confiscating any pork products and only allowing folks to bring in two bottles of wine & one...
  13. C

    Michael the butcher in Kos

    Hi folks, Just to let you all know Michael the butcher has ceased trading in Kos:animation
  14. juco

    Kos to Bodrum Ferry

    Would there likely to be any issues flying to Kos and then over to Bodrum (ferry) for a couple of weeks and returning either via Kos or direct from Bodrum to UK. The flights just now from Scotland are around £350 PP so looking at possible options. Anyone else used this alternative? thanks
  15. tomc1984

    kos prices

    Anyone been to kos recently know prices of english cigarettes, sausage, bacon, pork joints etc.
  16. thingthong

    Tuesday sailings to Kos?

    Can anyone tell me if any of the ferry companys sail on any Tuesday in April to Kos? Thanks T.:angel:
  17. Mag

    Kos Hotels.

    Thinking of taking the ferry across to Kos and spending a few days there in July. Any recommendations for a nice hotel on the island? Bearing in mind we will have 2 teenagers with us, so maybe somewhere with a bit of entertainment at night. Thanks!!
  18. J

    Kos ferries

    Hi all, Does anyone know the timetable for the Bodrum to Kos ferries please, ie times and days and are they operating now? :307bt: thanks Jan
  19. M

    Ferry from Altinkum to Kos or Rhodes in the Summer

    Hi, does anyone know if they are still doing the ferry from Altinkum to Kos or Rhodes? Looking to do this in the summer. I know Bodrum is doing it but just wondered about Altinkum. Thanks
  20. J

    Trip to Kos

    Hi all, I wondered if anyone could help me, we will be back over in July/August with some friends and would like to go for a daytrip to Kos. How much would the trip cost per person, how long does the boat take (has I'm not that good at sailing !!!) and once we have arrived there is it near the...
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