1. M

    Konyaalti Floors Numbering

    Hi every one , i bought a new apartment in konyaalti ,Hurma at (ground floor) but when i got the tapu it was written (Bodrum) at Kat No. , i asked the real state & building construction companies they say that is the numbering roles in Konyaalti so next day i went to the place i get the Tapu...
  2. K

    Expats in Konyaalti, Antalya

    Hi all, I hope you are all well, I have recently moved to konyaalti with my 5 year old son from the UK and I am looking for other people inn this area who might like to meet for a coffee, or if there are any other meetings already arranged for expats? I don't have a car but if the meeting is...
  3. X

    Long term rental in Konyaalti Antalya

    Hi, I am looking for 3 bed house to rent for long term (1 - 2 years), from September this year. We are intending to bring our dog over so it must be suitable for pets. Can anyone recommend any good rental agents. We are coming over at the beginning of April to have a look around. Thanks Xanthia
  4. A

    Selling Apartment in Konyaalti - advice please

    Hi I am looking to sell my apartment in Konyaalti end of this year - I have had my apartment since 2006. I am finding lots of advice on how to buy but not to sell and the information I am uncovering on the internet often conflicts ! My question therefore is directed at those who have sold...
  5. A

    FF Apartment available to rent in Konyaalti

    Hi Lovely fully furnished 2 bed 1st floor apartment for rent in Konyaalti (Liman). Available for short or long term rent. Please PM if interested Many thanks AJT
  6. Antalya Billy

    Turkish Lessons in Konyaalti

    In a week or two a 3 month Turkish course will be starting in the Liman Mahellesi area of Konyaalti (close to mountains at far end of beach) which will be taught by a friend of mine's Turkish Wife. She works as an English teacher and has taught Turkish before also. It is planned to be 2 x 2...
  7. D

    a few questions - Konyaalti Antalya

    Hi all, my names Donna and i have just joined this forum. I currently live in the TRNC but am planning to move to Antalya, probably Konyaalti region this summer with my turkish boyfriend. I was wondering if anyone else has moved from TRNC to Turkey, and if they know about shipping over household...
  8. B

    Apartment rental in konyaalti

    Dear All Any one knows of a good website to rent apartments during the month of Oct for weekly base . thank you.
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