From Bodrum to Konya

    I'm planning a trip to Konya. Because of "Rumi" people travel there from all over the world. As we are now living in Turkey, this is on my list of places to visit. However, I'm not sure which is the best way to get there. A private bus hired in Bodrum can take up to 10 hours with stops and...
  2. M

    Used clothes to donate in Konya?

    Hello, I'm a foreigner living in Turkey, I have a lot of used clothes ( women, menm baby clothes and shoes ... ) and i need to donate it to the proper place to reach poor people, and because of the language i cant communicate in Turkish with them. can you suggest me and help me with that ...
  3. M

    visiting konya

    i will be visiting konya next week for 4 days. i was just wondering if apart from the usual mosques and museums there are any other interesting places that i should be looking out for. any tips on dos and don,ts is most appreciated.
  4. M

    Train from Ankara to Konya

    hello everyone i am planning to fly out to ankara from uk and then take the train to konya how far is the train station from the airport? is it a bus ride? a walking distance(i travel light) or do i have to take a taxi? thanks
  5. ceemac

    Konya, in a whirl of its own

    Few westerners visit Konya, but Kevin Gould is spellbound by the tomb of the original whirling dervish and the city's brilliant architecture. Here C
  6. L


    are there anyone lives in Konya?
  7. D

    Road to Konya

    We want to go to Konya on Sunday and have been given two different routes I via Fethiye and Antalya and the other via Mugla and out on the road to Denizli does anybody know which of these roads would be the better road to travel and the quickest journey, any help would be appreciated thanks...
  8. shirleyanntr

    terrible tragedy in Konya today

    at least 15 children between 8 and 16 were killed today in Konya, and another 25 badly injured some are still under the rubble. They were in a dormitory school taking a Koran course over the weekend when there was a massive explosion and the 3 storey building came down like a pack of cards...
  9. mavi

    Charles and Camilla leave Konya heading to Selcuk..

    Prince Charles and Camilla are leaving Konya and heading to Meryemana (Virgin Mary House) tomorrow..its part of a 4 day tour.. I wonder if they will be popping into ours for tea on their way past...must get out the good china... news story in turkish..
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