1. S

    Gym near Konakli or Pyallar or Alanya

    Hi folks My place has a gym room, but most of the cardio machines are broken and are of light-use domestic quality anyway. There are no free weights. Does anyone know of a commercial gym I can join? Thanks
  2. S

    Controversial - Konakli Town

    No community or holiday atmosphere. Not glitzy like Alanya The general eerie feeling of Milton Keynes-in-the sun. And a bit racist, too... I hate the place. Ain't going again (exc Migros and the butcher). Fulla guys who jump out at you wanting to flog you crap - and that's just the tourists...
  3. C

    Withdrawing Sterling in Konakli

    Does anyone know if you can withdraw sterling from any of cash machines in Konakli?
  4. W

    Villas for sell or rent in Alanya - Konakli

    7 villas (17 Klm from Alanya centrum, 4 Klm from Konakli Centre, 200 m from the beach) for rent or to sell.
  5. A

    Konakli rent apartment wanted

    Do anybody have an apartment for rent in Konakli? One of friend from Lithuania need to rent 01.07-31.07 .Will appreciate your help.
  6. butt007

    Konakli Beledeyer poisoning animals

    I have been told that Konakli beledeyer have been putting poison down to get rid of the feral cats and dogs in the area, sorry I don't know exactly whereabouts in Konakli.......but BEWARE. I was told this by a guy this morning apparently his dog ate something and it was dead the next day he...
  7. luckystar

    Large luxury furnished apartment in Konakli nr Alanya for sale

    Full details and videos available on my site if you email me. I would consider an exchange for a smaller cheaper place somewhere else plus cash. £62.000 My daughter wants to buy a house here in the UK and needs help with a deposit. Since i did this for my eldest daughter i am obliged to do...
  8. L


    Hi everyone, is there anyone who has information about Konakli my son has just purchased an apartment at alaydin village but I am having difficulty finding out anything about the place.
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