1. R

    Returning items to Koctas

    We own our property via a company, we bought some items from Koctas using company name (Vergi Levhasi used). We tried to return one item as it was wrong size, Koctas told us we could not have refund as we needed to have a 'tax credit', they could not explain where or how we got this. Anyone know...
  2. E

    Can't access Koctas website!!!

    I've tried 2 browsers and can't get the Koctas website to open. Am I being paranoid or is it being blocked? I had problems the other day with T's Zaman but people in other areas could access it whereas I'm able to access links with youtube. Any ideas folks?
  3. G

    Koctas Delivery Charges

    Hi, Does anyone know how Koctas work out their delivery charges? I have been charges 125 lira for delivery to site plus another 45 lira to bring to my 4th floor apt!!! Charge seems high to me!!!!
  4. S

    KocTas Garden Furniture

    KocTas/B&Q Garden Furniture Just wondered if anyone has bought (or is familiar with) the Blooma Gotland Garden furniture set from KocTas? It is also sold at B & Q. It consists of a sofa, 2 chairs, and a small table, and is the all weather wicker, It isn't possible for me to get to see it in...
  5. L

    Yalikavak to Koctas

    Hello all, Can anyone tell me how far and the best way to get to Koctas supermarket. Would a taxi be the best way or if not which dolmus would I need to catch. :cheers:
  6. T

    Koctas, Bodrum open on a Sunday?

    Ok It's an age thing, but I have it in my head that Koctas in Bodrum closes on a Sunday. Is that right or not?
  7. C

    Nearest Koctas to Dalyan ?

    Hello, Can anyone please tell me where the nearest Koctas is to Dalyan and is it worth a visit ? I am looking to buy garden furniture and bits to furnish my new home (lighting, microwave, rugs, safe etc). Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks Curlywurly
  8. paddington bear

    Getting to Koctas

    Does anyone please know which bus I get from Antalya bus station to Koctas please? Sue
  9. val2661

    Flat Pack Furniture From Koctas

    Can anyone help me here please. When you buy flat pack furniture from Koctas, do they assemble it for you as other stores do in Turkey? As a woman living alone in Turkey with her only tool being a toffee hammer, I won't be able to buy the stuff I want unless they do. Val :noidea:
  10. james fowler

    using sterling at koctas

    can anyone tell me if koctas & kipa take sterling as on my next visit i will be spending a lot of money at each if they do not will a bank change a large amount of sterling thanks in advace james
  11. R


    Hi all, Does anyone know where the nearest Koctas store would be to Dalaman? Is there one in Fethiye? Or, if not, something similar to Koctas/B&Q near to Dalaman? Thanks Ann
  12. maviska

    Ikea and Koctas!

    Where are they exactly in Antalya? We ve been to Antalya 10 days ago and didnt manage to find them! We passed all the road from airport till Konyaaltı and didnt see them! On Monday we go to Antalya again( please dont think I am that crazy to go to Antalya from Marmaris only for Koctas,the reason...
  13. R

    Directions to Koctas in Bodrum and Bodrum Furniture ?

    Hello I am going to Turkey soon to furnish my place . Can anyone give me basic directions to Koctas in Bodrum and a shop called Bodrum Furniture please?( sells handmade wooden furniture from local people) . I have never been to Bodrum and have only seen the general area of Altinkum and Akbuk for...
  14. Marc

    koctas Kusadasi opens March 4th

    At least i think thats what this says :lol: :lol: http://www.koctas.com.tr/customer/home.php?mode=kusadasi so for those from Altinkum/Didim/Akbuk/Kusadasi who need a proper DIY store (which Teksan is not) you now have an alternative to bodrum or Izmir. Take care Marc
  15. D

    koctas Bodrum

    Hi Everyone, Can anyone tell me if Koctas in Bodrum will deliver general building materials,wall tiles, timber, paint etc.to the peninsular? If so, what is cost for the service.Does it depend on the amount spent? and what is the time scale. I would appreciate any info. Thanks. Dave.
  16. 1


    can anyone tell me if koctas delivers goods, if so do you have to waite a few days for delivery
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