1. kemerkid

    Mustafa Vehbi Koc

    Today Turks the world over said farewell to one of the most powerful industrialist of his time.He died last Thursday of a heart attack and despite all efforts he could not be revived, he was 55 years old and leaves behind both his parents, siblings, wife Caroline and two childeren. RIP Mustafa...
  2. L

    New temporay Koc Tas

    On the Gündöğan to Yalikavak main road almost opposite Tanşaş is a big white tent on the empty land. This is going to be a Koç Taç for the summer months. It will be air conditıoned thank goodness........ or the customers would be passing out. If it works they may build a permanent one. Clever...
  3. N

    koc tas

    Hi all,does anyone know how much koc tas charges for deliveries to Turgutreis?t:car:
  4. L

    koc tac Bodrum

    Does anyone know how to look up Koc Tac website please.
  5. mollag

    New Koc Tas

    Just been to the New Koc Tas, theres posh! nice layout but usual mad way of organising stock, wouldnt hasve it any other way!.
  6. T

    Kamil Koc Online Booking

    I may need to travel to Istanbul at the end of May and having looked at different ways, Kamil Koc are my preferred option. Having looked at their web-site, I can't seem to make a booking unless I have a Yolkart for which I need a Kimlik No. (I/D), or Residency No.,neither of which I have. Does...
  7. A

    Gulluk banks Yapikredi koc bank

    does anyone know or can possibly go into this bank to get telephone number please. It NOT listed on website and Bodrum branch unhelpful. thanks
  8. A

    Yapikredi koc bank Gulluk

    Yapidkredi Koc Bank, Gulluk does anyone know the contact telephone number please? I opened an account end Feb 08 and internet doesn't list number. Thanks Rosemary :cheers:
  9. F

    koc bank internet banking

    Has anyone had recent use of Kocbank internet banking. I have YTL & GBP accounts in Fethiye which I have not yet used - my password does not seem to work when trying to log in and on querying this I just receive an automated reply which is irrelevant? Any suggestions on how to log-in? I...
  10. Gill

    Koç Bank Internet banking

    We have accounts with Koç Bank and would like to "control" them with internet banking-has anyone any experience of this -have they english pages for instance -is it easy to arrange? Gill
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