1. S

    Wine knowledge

    Well now that you're here there is something you could be helpful with. A post this evening is about good priced quality wine The region our new place is in is coming down with amazingly priced quality wine-you actually get it free with your meal by the bottle indeed with wifey a teetotaller...
  2. Kalkan regular

    Is your rental home being advertised against your knowledge?

    We advertise with ownersdirect and hollidaylettings. We have found that our home is being advertised by the company Retreats Direct as are quite a number of other properties belonging to others in our development and town. We advertise with ownersdirect and hollidaylettings and it looks like the...
  3. N

    Help with local knowledge ?

    Hi All, Were a Family of 4 coming to datca for a holiday on 5 July to a place at the Riviera Villas. any idea what its like? We will need somewhere to stay from 12 July for another week, prefer a family friendly place with pool, any suggestions? Also need a phone number for Sevinç at the Mir...
  4. Squeaky

    Attention those who claim little or no knowledge of Turkish Politics

    Good afternoon: I have noticed several members mention that they have little or no knowledge of Turkish politics and therefore do not comment on anything connected with politics. I arrived in Turkey around the time of the Susurluk Scandal and as I watched this unfold over the years I found it...
  5. P

    local knowledge

    hello all I am on holiday in Yali for two weeks in June with my wife, brother in law and his wife. I have read a lot of the threads and am really looking forward to seeing Yali for myself as it sounds perfect for recharging the batteries. Could anybody tell me of other places in the area that...
  6. P

    Local knowledge

    Hi,We are hoping to come out in about 6 weeks to look at properties in Akbuk.Three of our shortlist are on the Ozcelik sitesi,so we have some questions for anyone who has a place on the site and especially for anyone who lives there all year round.We plan to live fulltime wherever we eventually...
  7. J

    Local Knowledge

    Hi everybody, My name is judy and visiting Fethiye for a week in June with a view to looking at property in the area to buy. Thinking of staying at the Mediteran Hotel as I have heard good reviews about it. Does anybody know this hotel and can give some feedback. Thanks
  8. Andy

    General Knowledge Quiz

    1/ Who was the Scottish Bacteriologist who discovered Penicillin in 1928. 2/ Where in Suffolk was the composer Benjamin Britten born. 3/ What number constitutes a bakers dozen. 4/ Can you name the English poet & Novelist who wrote "sons & lovers" 5/ In what sport would you find the term...
  9. Andy

    General knowledge Quiz

    1/ In which state is the city of Navada 2/ What drink is described as corked 3/ What is the official language of Zambia 4/ Which football manager had a close association with a faith healer 5/ What instrument is Eric Clapton famous for 6/ On average how many people worldwide do you share...
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