1. 3

    Knock em off

    No brainer to me.......needs must, hence the "knock em off". If Diane Abbott is against it, perhaps she should speak to the victims who have been menaced by these gangs.
  2. Yalides

    Knock knock jokes

    Light hearted fun thread just for Philip. Just add yours. Knock Knock..." "Who's there?" "Weevil...." "Weevil who?" "WEEVIL WEEVIL...ROCK YOU!" Knock knock..... Who's there? Little boy blue. Little boy blue who? MICHAEL JACKSON! Knock knock Who's there? Atch Atchwho? Bless you...
  3. P

    Knock it down

    demolish Altinkum
  4. newhorizon

    Airlines increase prices...the knock on effects after one goes in admin.

    Yesterday and day before was looking at fares on Thomas cook flight but since the news of Goldtrail going under they have increased each fare by at least £30 each way today. When one company goes under the under the others try to make the most of it and the demand and cash in while they can...
  5. kusturk

    knock knock!

    :hmm: :hmm: does anyone still live in kus' or have any interests there cos the kus' forum seems very quiet ?? :closed_2: :closed_2: :nahnah: :42: :42:
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