1. SonnyJim

    Visiting Knidos

    Just a bit of info re getting to knidos using public transport. My sister and friend are staying with us at mo so visited the site yesterday. The bus left Datca at 1030 am (stopping on the way to deliver newspapers etc), but it still only took one and a half hours. They then had a couple of...
  2. V

    Paradise in Datca

    When we were in Datca last May, we finally had a chance to visit the eco farm of Ali Somer. It is located near Knidos and could be reached by car, but the last 4km of the road are not the best I have ever seen ;-) When we arrived we were astonished, how beautiful this place is. Not a big house...
  3. V

    Ten wonderful days in Datca

    Just returned from a wonderful ten days in Datca. Discovered again how beautiful this place is, with his very friendly people. Also the food was really good everyday. We had a good time with a good balance in working hard at our renovation project and relaxing. Highlight was visiting a farm near...
  4. kaplumba

    The Road to Knidos

    Earlier today Ian Jones who is about to make his first trip to Datca asked me about the 'must see things'. I told him he must see Knidos, well not just Knidos but the route down the Datca peninsula culminating at Knidos. I have just posted a few photographs in the gallery taken along that road...
  5. flowerpotman

    Knidos Lion

    HI all. There is a petition to get the Knidos lion back from the British museum to once again sit in the Sun as its historical base.Please pm Kaplumba for details of how to join and give support. more details here
  6. CJD

    Boat trips from Datca to Knidos

    Are there boat trips from Datca to knidos? and does anyone know what time they leave and approx how much they would cost? there is a party of 10 staying in Sogut that are interested in going this week
  7. kaplumba


    Ancient city of Knidos seeks light Thursday, February 22, 2007 ANKARA -Turkish Daily News Knidos, located at the extremity of the long Dat├ža peninsula near Bodrum, was built partly on the Anatolian mainland and partly on the Island of Triopion, connected by means of a causeway...
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