1. gizmo

    Bump in the day and Knees!!

    Hi all Woke this morning to a thump, bump and ahh! Then groan and moan - jumped outta da bed and found hubby at bottom of stairs - he fell again. Fright over and all is well but he is sceduled to go in to hospital morrow to have his knee done. Please say a prayer or whatever you do in your...
  2. P

    A knees up on Finnair.

    I hope they don't do similar if Scotland get independence,A highland fling on a jumbo,no thanks. Bollywood on board: Finnair cabin crew become YouTube sensation with dance routine | Mail Online
  3. G

    Meet up, knees up Altinkum end July

    Tricia and Dee will be in Altinkum at the end of July so how about a knees up [:p] [?] Date, venue [?][?][?]
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