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    kitting out my apt.

    Hi.Hopefully anyday now I will be in a position to kit out my apt . Therefore if anyone is likely to be selling their furniture/white goods in the near future - I would be interested in buying .Thanks
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    Kitting out a new villa

    Hi, My bro and I have purchased a villa in Uzumlu and are now thinking of kitting it out. I've read most of threads for local outlets in Fethiye (Eg ErenSpot etc) but wondered if anyone knew if we could get wider choice / better value in Dalaman ?????????? We've even considered Ikea in...
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    Kitting Out Our Villa

    HI ALL, we are looking for sources of furniture to kit out our villa in gundogun especially ones with internet sites so we can start to write up a list of the things we need and the prices too. Also diy shops and we need some safety rails for the terraces any help would be appreciated. Anyone...
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