1. I

    Young kittens

    Hi all, Need some advice please. I'm a big animal lover and on arrival to my holiday home in Turkey I came across one of the regular cats which has a litter of four staying in my garden. The kittens are approximately 6 -8 weeks old. I have been feeding them daily, however a couple of nights...
  2. S

    New born Kitterns - homes wanted

    Hi . I have a property on the spring development and have just been informed that a cat has just given birth to 3 kittens in my property. Obviously they are being looked after. Any advice would be very welcome as I live in the UK and don't really know what to do. I don't want them to be...

    Urgent: 5 beautiful kittens

    I am at my wits end here! In late April, an undernourished and starving cat came to my door crying and weak. I could not ignore the poor creature so I gave her some food which she wolfed down! About two weeks later, she gave birth to 5 kittens under a rose bush in my garden. I got such a lot...
  4. R

    3 Kittens and mummy cat require adoption

    Mummy cat has just had 3 beautiful kittens, 1 black , 1 mottled, 1 tabby. Mummy is a stray cat and needs tlc, the 3 kittens are now 6 weeks old and ready to leave the nest. They are all house trained and used to human contact but need lots of tlc. We will have the mummy spayed and all injections...
  5. Freedom 49

    Adorable Black Kittens

    Hi, We feed the cats, we spey the cats and sometimes we are lucky enough to find homes for some of the babies. Is there anyone out there that can give a permanent home to 1 (or 2) absolutely adorable little black brothers? They'll be 6 weeks old next week, the sister already has a new owner...
  6. T

    Kittens Shut Down NY subway -Video - Runaway Kittens Shut Down New York Subway Lines
  7. I

    Kittens need home

    Hi We still have three very cute kittens that need a home :) They are all great tempered clean have been indoors/outdoors All are great with our daughter. Smelly was rescued after being attacked by a crow a white with brown cat sploges handsome fellow that now my daughter now calls...
  8. D

    more kittens needing homes!

    just discovered 6 with their Mother in a maintenance cupboard downstairs - i haven't brought my camera lead to put pics up yet but my daughter will bring it next week so I can post them then - they are adorable - i pure black, 2 tabbies, one black and white, one amber and white, and one amber...
  9. L


    Would anyone like any kittens? They are semi wild at the moment but can be tamed by me, they are about 7 weeks old. Very cute. Born to a street cat that feeds in my garden. Sharon
  10. I

    kittens need new home : )

    about 6/7 weeks ago we found what we think is a dewclawed house-cat dumped in a box in our local park with her 5 kittens. The kittens were no more than 10 days old, so we have been looking after them all since, the kittens are all very healthy and will be ready for thier 12 week injections...
  11. L

    4 Adorable kittens need new home

    These little fella's still need a new home. Could anyone help? They are all boys and are now 9 weeks old, litter trained and would make excellent house cats. They have never "lived rough" although Mum is a street cat, they were born on my balcony. If you can help please pm me. I can take...
  12. E

    Kittens needing homes

    Hello all One of our lovely garden cats had her first litter in April and the kittens are old enough to be rehomed. They are two very sweet female dark tabbies. Would love to keep them but between the house cats and the garden cats, plus a tiny kitten someone has just dumped in our garden, we're...
  13. L

    Kittens need a home

    I know it is very difficult to find homes for cats here, but I have taken in a street cat who has presented me with 6 beauitful kittens. I plan to adopt Mum and have her neutered when the kittens are weaned, but there is no way I can keep any of the kittens (I already have another cat). Please...
  14. B

    Kittens - Familia story !

    Whilst unlocking our front doors this morning, Cindy spotted a Turkish guy placing a cardboard box into the field opposite our house. He promptly remounted his moped and disappeared. The sealed box contained 4 kittens, maybe a few weeks old ? 3 ginger and 1 black....not sure eyes fully open ...
  15. luckycat68

    5 kittens needing loving homes

    I have 5 kittens that we are looking after in the garden of our restaurant, their Mum bought them to us at the end of July , they must be about 10 weeks or so old now -- they are ab fab and so very friendly The problem is they are getting to rely on me so much and when we close I dont know...
  16. C

    A long shot - kittens need home

    A street cat died last night leaving 6 lovely kittens. They were still suckling however the mother had just started bringing back kills for them. Is there any one out there who would adopt these? I have 7 of my own and can't. If they can't find homes then they will have to be put down! Such a shame.
  17. K

    TWO kittens desparate for homes Didum area

    Dear Kind and loving animal lovers, I have co-ordinated a resuce of two (out of four) kittens whose mum had been killed. I praying i can get them rehomed in Turkey, they only have two weeks left where they are currently in and I could be stuck on what i will do if I have not rehomed them by...
  18. L

    3 kittens need kind homes

    My friend has three stray kittens approximately 5 months old she has been feeding. She goes back to the UK next month and would like to find homes for them. There are two white and black one and a tabby one. They are used to people and love being played with and petted. I will try and take...
  19. C

    Homes Wanted for Kittens

    A friend of mine has been looking after 5 kittens that were found abandoned in a closed box in the middle of a fallow field north of fethiye (kara├žula) they were we guess about 3 weeks old. all been Potty trained by her. and very human friendly: now at about 5 weeks later she is looking for...
  20. E

    Help found kittens

    Hi last week i found 4 kittens, someone told me the kittens mum had been run over 3 days before and she was trying to fed them strawberry milkshake lol,anyway the day before a boy threw one of the kittens and i took all 4 home sadly the throw one died the next day but was warm and fed i was so...
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