1. Freedom 49

    Lucky Kitten

    I'm posting this just to say......."My faith in human kindess has, once again, been restored." This little furry kitten arrived at our office one morning about 4 weeks ago for breakfast. No mother, no sisters, no brothers alongside to give it support but, there it sat along with our regular...
  2. bickern

    Women turn Rize flat into stray kitten nursery

    Five Turkish women have teamed up to turn an apartment flat into a shelter for orphaned stray kittens in the Black Sea province of Rize. Separating the felines into different rooms based on their ages, the women even arranged a "wet-nurse" for the kittens still suckling. Also serving as a...
  3. G

    Re: White Chinchilla Kitten

    Re: White Chinchilla Kitten Hi there, I live near Side and I'm looking for a white Chinchilla kitten. Does anyone know if there are any available please. If so, please let me know. Thank you in advance.
  4. G

    Re: Feral Kitten

    Re: Feral Kitten Three weeks ago, we went to our friends birthday party at Milkum and we ended up coming home with a beautiful feral kitten who didn't have feral behaviour at all. We took him to the vet on Monday to get him checked out as his tummy wasn't quite right so he had to go back on...

    Have you thought about having a kitten in your life?

    In late April, an undernourished and starving cat came to my door crying and weak. I could not ignore the poor creature so I gave her some food which she wolfed down! About two weeks later, she gave birth to 5 kittens under a rose bush in my garden. I got such a lot of smart comments, why are...
  6. A89

    Tiny kitten needs home.

    Is anyone able to take in a homeless kitten thats lost its mum? Theres a tiny one, looks around 6 weeks old, its lost its mother, living alone under the bushes opposite me, little white one, so so sweet. crying all day/ night for 2 days now. I took it a little food and water yesterday but its...
  7. D

    Kitten for rehoming

    I'm currently in Bitez and have inadvertently ended up with a 5 week old kitten. He had been taken from his mother a couple of weeks ago by a family on holiday and kept in a cage in between the children playing with him. He hadn't been fed properly. I have him living with me in my apartment now...
  8. S

    Kitten microwaved

    What a vile subhuman BBC News - Laura Cunliffe jailed for microwaving pet kitten
  9. bickern

    Kitten and Cat Hugs to you

    Hopefully this w'll put you in a good mood for the day. Cutest Cat Moments. Top 20 Kitten and Cat Hugs - YouTube
  10. R

    Very young kitten needs a home

    Firstly, hello to every one. Please forgive me but I've been a member for a while but this is my first post and I'm looking for some help. We're on holiday here in Side and we seem to have been adopted by a very young female kitten. When we found her she was in a pretty desperate state...
  11. Housemartins

    Kitten needs home

    A cat has decided to move into our friends villa and bought along 5 kittens, unfortunately one has died and another needs to be put down. Anyone interested in taken on a kitten? If so please PM me, kittens located in Dalaman. Thanks
  12. R

    Looking for a place for a little motherless kitten

    I am looking for a temporary place - until May 2012 - for a little motherless cat baby, whom we found on the street. She is still very small. We are going back by end of October and are not aloud to have animals in our flat. So anybody in the area of Datca, who could offer a nice stay for that...
  13. D

    Kitten needing a good home

    Ten week old kitten needing a good home in the Side, Manavgat area. Fully house trained and no longer feeding from mother. Many thanks Debbie
  14. denise bannell


  15. D


    İs there anyone who wants a Kitten?? There is a kitten hanging around my apartment block obviously homeless, not sure what to do with it. It is a very friendly female approx 2 - 3 months old, in the Ovacik area. I can worm and de flea it but would like it to go to a nice home. It is being fed...
  16. J

    Adopt a kitten??

    We have a kitten that needs a permanent home. We have been looking after him for the past month but will only be here until the start of august. As you can see he is very cute and has become quite domesticated which is our reason for looking for a home. please respond if you are interested.
  17. C

    Kitten New Home Izmir

    About a month ago whilst out walking, I found a kitten (only a few weeks old) by Adnan Menderes airport in Izmir. I've taken it in and looked after it and it's now healthy and growing quickly. I was planning on gradually introducing it to the outside and making it more independant over the next...
  18. paddington bear

    Kitten found

    This afternoon I went out to buy some potatoes and found a kitten about 2 weeks old. An English couple I know took a street cat in about 7 weeks ago who was having kittens (we have adopted one of them) so I thought their cat may adopt the kitten and feed it. The cat tried to feed the kitten...
  19. S

    Loving home urgently needed for 9 months old, speyed and house trained kitten

    Hi I am asking again for a loving home for a now approx 9 months old kitten. Time is running out. She is a very loveable, loving hand reared cat who is in desperate need of a good and safe home. I am in England and the person who agreed to care for the kitten has had a bereavement in...
  20. S

    Loving home urgently needed for 8 Months House Trained, Spayed Kitten

    Can anyone help please. Adorable house trained loveable kitten about 8 months old is seeking loving home. She is being fed in the Turgutreis area of Bodrum but her carer has had to leave for England. Could you please PM if you are looking for a pet. Many thanks.
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