1. janA

    For Sale - Kite surfing equipment

    Advertising for a friend.Kite Surfing equipment, all nearly new, Gaastra force 8.00 m Rhino pro/g 12.00 m North Rhino 12.00 m Gaastra Mar 16.00 m those are kite's Kite board (Naish) 5'3 inch/159 cm 2x control bar (Gaastra) (Prolimit mach 2) Harnfess (Radsails) Life jacket (Brunotti) ankle leash...
  2. kaplumba

    The Kite Festival

    Dailymotion - Datça uçurtma ?enli?i - News & Politics Kanal?@@AMEPARAM@@ I'm not sure where I am going wrong here but click on the red strip at the top to see the video. There are several of these lovely little video clips showing life in...
  3. Leo

    Kite Surfing in Side

    Hi All, We are here at our place in Side at the moment. Kids back home want to come and visit - but want me to search for kite surfing in the area. Can anyone help with any info. Cheers Leo.
  4. S

    Kite Runner!!!!!!

    OK... I finished this book nearly 24 hours ago and i am still reeling from it. I have read many true stories or based on true stories about woman in the middle east and their lives. But never ever have i been as moved as I have with this. It leaves you with a banging head and dreams of what...
  5. L

    Kite flying

    For anyone around Akbuk today - There is a 'kite' flying festival down the sea front today. There is usually a big turnout, with load of people bringing their own picnics to enjoy (or loads of places to eat if you can not find your plastic boxes :) ) Hope someone remembered to order the wind...
  6. M

    Kite surfing - looking for a new hobby?

    Looking for a new hobby? Why not try Kite boarding.. It's easy to learn and great fun. Cesme, 45 mins from Izmir, in one of the best locations in Europe for the sport, with excellent conditions for most of the year. Check out this website for advice, rentals and lessons by qualified...
  7. lorraine

    Kite Surfing

    I spend many hours on the far end of Calis beach watching the Kite surfers, this is fast becoming a very popular sport to the area. The Surfers reach great speeds, the acrobatic are just as mesmerising as actually standing on a board yourself... Yes I have a great imagination. It is not cheap...
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