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    Kitchens from Bodrum Mutfak?

    Hi Has anyone had Bodrum Kitchens, BODRUM MUTFAK to install their kitchen ? If so were they reasonable, reliable and good workmanship.
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    Stil Haus Kitchens Vance Miller

    Stil Haus Kitchens Vance Miller. Vance Miller does not own or operate Still Haus Kitchens. Stil haus Kitchens is a UK firm and Vance Miller runs a Chinese kitchen manufacturing company
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    Kitchens in stock at Ikea

    Hi I want to make a kitchen island and was wondering if Ikea in Izmir hold stock of kitchens. When I was there last year I remembering seeing a desk near the exit with a lot of info about kitchens. I am just wondering if you can buy off the self or if you have to order them, I don't want to...
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    kitchens and sofas

    any one know of any websites that do kitchen units we are in the altinkum area also sofas in english /european style
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    Is there a need for American Interior Designers in Turkey?

    Hello all, We are very excited about the possibility of our move to Turkey from the Boston / Northeast coast area of the U.S.. Everyone seems so friendly and it looks incredibly gorgeous! Yes?! My question that hopefully someone will have some input on is whether or not the other expats on...
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    Hiya all, I've just had my new kitchen fitted and I'm so pleased with it I'd like to recommend the men that made it. The style is obviously not to everyones taste, I'd already seen one similar in Arcelik, but unfortunately it was out of my price range! I showed our fitter the photo and...
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    Does anyone know of anywhere in Akbuk/Altinkum area where we can purchase a kitchen at a good price. Or of any shops with their own websites for kitchens so I can have a little nosey at styles and prices. Ive noticed alot of the apartments for sale in Altinkum have virtually the same kitchens...
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    Hi Can anyone give me an idea of how much kicthens cost in Bodrum. I know this is a piece of string question, so I'll try and give as much info as possible. The kitchen is 2.3m x 3m, marble top, gas hob, extractor unit, space for a dishwasher (not intergrated). I know it is impossible to...
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