1. N

    Buy a new kitchen in Bodrum

    I am new to this forum but someone can direct me where to buy a good quality kitchen in Bodrum area . ( not Ikea ) . Thank you in advance for all suggestions ,
  2. S


    Hello, Please can anyone give me advice about getting a new kitchen fitted, and best place to buy and prices. Thanks so much.
  3. oldfogy

    Meet-up at Mavi Kitchen and Pool

    If anyone wishes to join us On Saturday 10TH June for dinner @ 8pm at Mavi Kitchen and pool for a special Rooftop Sunset and Lamb Shank dinner priced at 40TL including a choice from a couple of starters. Order will also be being taken from the main menu for those none meat eater and people who...
  4. S

    Kitchen unit Stripping and painting service

    Hi, does anyone know of a company, in the Fethiye area, that strips kitchen units of paint/varnish and resprays?
  5. M

    new kitchen

    hello all i am planning to have a new kitchen cabinet fitted this summer. i have not managed to find a decent place in and around didim. am i wasting my time looking around in didim area? should i be looking farther out ? please help
  6. S

    Kitchen needed

    Anyone selling or knows places who sells 2nd hand kitchen units? It's for a small area. Also looking for wardrobes and bed. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. C


    We bought our apartment 3 years ago it's roughly 6/7 years old, we want to add to our kitchen units/worktop to create a breakfast bar and add extra worktop space. Has anyone any ideas as to where we could go find matching units and work tops. The apt was built by Kaya homes. Thanks...
  8. J

    Kitchen worktops

    We have just moved into our newly purchased house in Kadikalesi. The kitchens have been ripped out and new cupboards built! Does anyone know where we can buy worktops please? We want something reasonably hardwearing but not too expensive. Marble would be great if not too costly. An address...
  9. S

    Kitchen bistro table and two stools New

    This was purchased last month and has been used a couple of times, due to a change in circumstances it is now for sale 350tl
  10. L

    New Kitchen

    We are thinking of renewing our kitchen in the spring and as we will soon be back over in Turgutries we thought we could look around at the kitchens whilst we are there. We have friends (English) who were kitchen planners and they are going to plan the kitchen for us as there will also be some...
  11. Mushtaq

    kitchen spam adverts -

    If I was looking to buy a kitchen in the UK, the last company I would contact would be I would not trust a company who resorts to spamming the internet to get business. This company has been spamming this and other forums for a while and should be blacklisted. The number...
  12. giglets

    Blocked kitchen drain pipe

    We've got a partial blockage in our kitchen sink drain-pipe. Tried Mr Muscle and it has helped, but need something stronger. Have heard that there is a type of crystals you can put down the pipe? Any suggestions?
  13. peter the postie

    Turkish kitchen sink/worktops

    Does anybody know if it is possible to buy a worktop similar to the turkish moulded type ones here in the UK? If not, has anybody attempted to import them?
  14. Yalides

    Kitchen stools

    Unwanted hardly used items. 50TL the pair.
  15. basic

    Kitchen worktop cutting jig

    Has anybody seen or know were to get a Worktop cutting jig in Turkey,to cut wooden worktops,I have asked in all the big Yapi stores and nobody has a clue what i am talking about, i have even shown a picture of one .I would rather not use the joining pieces that are used here, i did that in...
  16. G

    New kitchen

    Hi everyone , was wondering if anyone knows of any kitchen show rooms in altinkum ,im after changing it this year .not easy to sort out when I have to spend most of my time in not so sunny Preston .ps wanting to tile the floors too .
  17. Lindacm

    kitchen users manuals

    Having moved in to our new apartment, we have a number of appliances that although have manuals, they are in Turkish. I have tried contacting both suppliers....Arcelik and Franke but so far no replies. Can anyone advise where I can get manuals in English for these suppliers? I have found out...
  18. H

    New Kitchen in Kalkan

    Looking for recommendations, showrooms kitchen fitters etc. have already found with an outlet in Fethiye any others??
  19. immac

    Vacuum Sealer for Kitchen

    I´m looking for a kitchen vacuum sealer for storing food. Need supplier for machine and bags in Turkey. Anyone know? Ian
  20. N

    under counter fridge freezer needed

    Hi all,anyone know of somewhere that i can buy under the counter fridge and freezer,tried the usual places,metro,beko etc,way too exspensive.
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