1. IbrahimAbi

    New kit for TLF Mods

    My new office stuff arrived today for 2019 thanks Mushtaq:-
  2. immac

    Kit Car

    Has anyone any experience of importing a kit car (without engine or running gear) and then, having built it with a donor car, registering it? There was a thread (on TLF) about 5 years ago that touched on it, but inconclusive. My guess is that without engine etc. and registration, the import...
  3. B

    Phantom Vortex GTR Kit car for sale

    I am selling my kit car on ebay if any UK based members are interested. Search for Phantom Vortex GTR. Thanks, Bruce
  4. M

    Kit Houses

    Hi Maybe this is the answer for ex pats in Turkey !! Tesco have announced they are going to sell Kit houses. Mx
  5. S

    Student emergency kit

    Hi Guys My niece is going to uni in September and I'd like to make her up an "emergency kit". Thought of the usual tin of beans, toilet roll etc, anyone got any other ideas? Cheers Sue x
  6. culturevulture

    d.i.y stained glass/leading kit

    Hi, Does anyone know if and where these kits are available in the Didim/Altinkum area? You know the kind that you can use to add detail to a plain glass internal door? I have a door that has rather plain glazing in the upper half and I would like to liven it up. Thanks. Mary.
  7. mollag

    Electrical kit supply

    Does anyone know of an electrical equipment supply firm in the Bod area, thinking more like a wholesaler rather than Koc Tas. Looking for timers, mcb's, bus bars etc stuff the retail shops dont stock. Cheeers :blowkiss:
  8. Danny and Gwen

    Windsurf kit for sale

    I have a complete windsurf set for sale including 2 sails £175 ovno I will even throw in a mornings lesson. to get you started, and show you how to rig up. I will be at Mavisehir Didim from 11th June till 1st July. please pm me if interested.
  9. Martyn

    Iphone car kit now available

    Very expensive for what it is at £99! I bought a holder off Ebay which is really good for a few £s. Anyway the link is here
  10. K

    Importing kit car?

    Hello Folks, My husband has an unfinished project, his beloved kit car. Does anyone have knowledge about the ins & outs of bringing something like this into Turkey. The car is fully dismantled so in appearance is just a load of bits!! Any help would be much appreciated. Jules and Geoff
  11. merlin

    Acer Ferrari 4000 notebook.... Nice piece of kit!

    See the full review here! Very nice Merv!
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