1. bickern

    16-year-old gets 4.5 years in prison for kissing 13-year-old

    A court in the southern province of Antalya has handed down a prison sentence of four years and six months to a 16-year-old boy for kissing 13-year-old girl at school. “The expert report about the high schooler [with the initials] A.K. has emphasized that he had undertaken this action with the...
  2. shirleyanntr

    is kissing immoral

    apparently some people think it is.:animation An announcement made in Ankara Metro calling for people to "to act within moral laws" had been made to stop people kissing which infuriated the kissers :angry: so a kiss in public protest was organısed and 200 people showed up with the aim of...
  3. pineapple1

    Its Kissing Friday !

    Well just heard on TV today is officially Kissing friday , Never heard of it befor ! Sooo pucker up and give your loved ones a great big smacker. Anyone got any stories on thier first kiss or stolen kisses hmmm ....Diane :hearnoevi
  4. arrian

    kissing can make you deaf!

    BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Chinese girl gets 'kiss of deaf' :horn::horn::horn:
  5. Sunny Seasider

    Kissing Under the Mistletoe - Health Warning!!!

    As Christmas approaches, the media are now warning us that to participate in tongue/tonsil olympics is a no no this year as you can pass on the swine flu virus. If you have the desire to kiss someone you hardly know during the festivities, just a slight peck on the cheek is advised. :blowkiss:
  6. R


    Found this article - Sorry bit late for Valentines! Killjoy town bosses in Warrington, Cheshire have banned couples from kissing each other goodbye on the railway station platform – in case shows of affection disrupt departures. But Warrington isn't the only place you could find yourself in...
  7. immac

    Men kissing men

    Having risen to the position of being kissed on both cheeks by Turkish friends, a great number of problems present themselves: Who kisses who? Who goes first? Is there an order of which cheek first ( is it called a pecking order?)? What does it mean? What if you don't want to be kissed - does it...
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