1. A

    Kings of Kebab?

    Hi, anyone know of the best or top kebab places in the heart of the old city? I have been to Kasap Osman. I think its over-rated and thought there's probably dozens of similar shops that serve the same quality food.
  2. C

    Aydinbey Kings Palace Hotel

    Hi, We are traveling by car from Alanya to the Aydinbey Kings Palace Hotel advised its in Colakli, Manavgat, etc; can someone please tell me exactly where it is and how to get there off the D400. Many thanks in advance.
  3. shirleyanntr

    Pearly kings and Queens

    i would love to actually see this event ..what a great socialist tradition i wonder how long it will take to get it stopped in these health and safety anti brit pc times Pearly Kings and Queens descend on London's streets in dazzling Harvest Festival procession | Mail Online
  4. shirleyanntr

    the kings speech

    i watched this film last week with Alison and we both enjoyed it its a bit slow moving at first but nonetheless the acting is super and Colin Firth really puts it across how awful it must have been for a man in the kings position to have a speech impediment and to be expected to speak to the...
  5. P

    The comeback kings?

    well, what a result! at half time I was really despondent, expecting that Benitez character to be crowing but then the news came on "United thrash Tottenham" YES, YES, YES what a result 5-2 that has got to seal the league
  6. E

    kings villas complex

    any members with info on kings villas. I.E. maintainance fee. tapu. minibus times. meetings. etc. thanks ERIC
  7. the sausage king

    Sausage Kings Carvery This Weekend

    Hi everyone, Thank you one and all for the lovely birthday messages and just to let you all now I am now back on form and raring for this weeks carvery. Here is the menu, any further questions either PM me or contact me through my website, by the way yes I have got the wild boar and she is...
  8. O

    kings villas akbuk

    Hi everyone has anybody bought on this development. thanks ole


    HI ALL,this post is a continuation from one on 'mri' page 3. to pete & lorraine:yes our house is a resale property & we do have keys etc , but not expecting to get tapu till next century !!!!! which seems par for the course. Based in k.l. i am a windscreen repair...
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