1. Tenpin

    Info How to obtain a Yabanci Kimlik Number in Turkey without applying for a Residency Permit

    Courtesy of Doc Martin © Doc Martin 2017 Disclaimer: The information here is provided as a general guide. Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the information is up to date and accurate, information given here from the Turkish Government, DGMM, GOC, British Consulate & other official...
  2. S

    Kimlik Number Dalaman

    Hello we have been trying to get WiFi during this trip and have been told that we need either residency or identity number. My question is where in Dalaman would we need to go in order to get a Kimlik number please? Thank in advance
  3. Mushroom

    HELP !! I have no Kimlik number

    Just when I thought things were going to work with TransferWise, I have registered and started the process to move TL from Garanti to GBP in the UK and they are requesting my Kimlik number for verification purposes. I have never had one. We bought our property and obtained a Tax number. We...
  4. M

    Baby kimlik and passport

    Can my ex husband get a kimlik and Turkish passport for my son without my permission. I have stupidly left my sons birth certificate in turkey (the father’s names in not on it) but now worried he may try get a passport or kimlik for him
  5. B

    Kimlik number

    Does anyone know how to check a Kimlik number from from my residence permit?
  6. S

    Vergi kimlik number

    Hi I am of to London to try and open an account at garanti bank I know I need my tax number but everywhere I look and even when in turkey it says it's an 11 digit number however my tax numbers Vergi kimlik is only 10 digits can anyone help.
  7. beyazbayan

    New Kimlik

    For those of you with a Kimlik. The government is introducing a new card with chip and pin features and protected with a pin number. İt is a phased introduction.
  8. C

    Kimlik after divorce

    Hi All Just wondering if anyone knows the answer to this.I have dual nationality (turkish from my marriage).I intend to go to turkey to take my daughter to see her father in two weeks. We are now divorced will this cause a problem at passport control to enter using my kimlik which still states...
  9. D

    link to the site to find kimlik number???

    just a quick request for a link to the Turkish site that gives kimlik's for a friend who is struggling Turkish is crap so he will have to get aid to rescue his number because i know it is a difficult site to navigate...or has it improved??
  10. L

    Obtaining a Turkish Kimlik

    Hi everyone I've read so many different stories of how people have obtained their turkish citizenship (t.c kimlik). i.e either from marrying a turk. but haven't known anyone who has got it from being on a residence permit. as a single foreigner (without marrying a turk). If so please could...
  11. beyazbayan

    Vatandaş - Kimlik

    Well had the interviews and İ would say it seems to change from person to person even those attending on the same day had different experiences. İn the morning had an interview with the Nufus manager - not too good he spoke very quickly whilst holding his head down and muttered at the table...
  12. B

    Grandsons kimlik question

    My grandson will be applying for his kimlik after living in Turkey for five years, he has had five years of Turkish education so his Turkish is fluent, he has been offered a lot of jobs owing to the fact that he is an english boy who speaks Turkish, is there anybody who can tell me if there is...
  13. C

    Taking a Kimlik

    Hello Everyone, I have been browsing the site for a very long time, but was just wondering if someone could point me in the right direction! I have been married to a Turk for six years and we have a three year old son who has dual nationality Turkish & UK. He was born in Mugla. Due to his...
  14. U

    applying for kimlik

    hello if i apply for my kimlik(i have been married 3 years 2 months.) does it matter if i have been in and out the country?i have had residence for 3 years but been to england and stayed like month at time etc. also if get kimlik does it affect my status in england cos will have english...
  15. edeller

    Agro - no kimlik number

    Here I am again, not been to Turkey for a few months, so pleased to be back for a while! Havent been on here for ages either so apologies for just popping up when I need a helping hand. I do have a few things to sort out namely the tax and insurance on my car which expired while I was away...
  16. M

    Lost Yabanci Kimlik Number

    I received an ikamet 2 years ago. I recently had children and am working to get their ikamets. One of the forms we need to fill out requires both parent's kimliks. My husband found his online, but when we enter my birthdate and ikamet number, it gives an error and says it can't find me. Where...
  17. John E Rose

    Yabancı Kimlik Number

    Hı guys I have notıced that more government offıces and places lıke the Bank are askıng for your Kimlik Number now. If you have a blue Book Inkamet or lıvıng vısa the government wıll have allocated you a Kimlik Number just lıke a Turkısh cıterzen'. To fınd thıs numer you can vısıt Nufus web...
  18. E

    wheres my kimlik

    Hi i have been told (off the books) that i am getting a kimlik, so happy also the man that told me gave me a number and date, he said something about a site and i put my number in and it will tell me when i will be getting it if i understood right, as my turkish is not great i cant find the site...
  19. E

    Help with Turkish test for kimlik

    Hi i have my test this thursday coming and was told by the guy who will test me i will say the whole (isticlar march) spelling wrong and another poem of that sort still dont know what it is and my husband doesnt know as he was born and grew up in uk so hes no use at all, i must read and be asked...
  20. E

    How long do i have to wait for my kimlik

    Hi could anyone tell me how long the wait is for the kimlik to come, i applied 3 months ago and have heard nothing, when i applied i was told about 3 months and that has passed with no one word. I have been told by someone that the police will come and i mush go there etc but not been told...
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