1. beyazbayan

    Update re kidney transplant

    i hope this works it's a picture of the little girl we wanted the blood for. When she was admitted to the Akdeniz hospital she was semi-conscious and given less than 50% cange of surviving. Thank again for all your help as you can see it appears to have been worth it.
  2. C

    kidney stones

    just been to the hospital with my hubby as hes been in agony they say he has a kidney stone.and if it doesnt pass they will have to operate.anyone whos had this problem any info would be very helpfull. thanks in advance
  3. bickern

    Teenager 'sells kidney for iPad'

    The term what is the world coming to is never more true. This was organised by illegal agents but I imagine the hospital was not filled with illegal administrators and doctors and they that had to be in agreement to carry it out so they should share blame...
  4. T

    Kidney Dialysis

    A friend of mine who's on dialysis would love to come to Bodrum, but we can't seem to find any info on options for Dialysis. I've written to the Universal but no reply as yet. Can anyone help out with information? Availability? Costs? Options? Last year he spent 2 weeks in Crete and had to...
  5. Mushtaq

    Kidney beans

    Ingredients Fresh Kidney Beans 1 Kg Onion 2 pc Garlic 3 cloves Carrot 2 pc Potato 1 pc Green pepper 4 pc Tomato 6 pc Parsley 1#8260;2 bunch Lemon 1 pc Oil 1 cup Water 4 cup Salt Sugar Procedure Clean Kidney Beans and add 4 cups water, boil for 20 minutes, drain...
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