1. bickern

    Turkish kid accepted to school for gifted students

    A Turkish student has been accepted to the Edison Regional Gifted Center, a school for gifted students in the U.S., with a full scholarship, for the first time in history. In the school’s admissions exam, from which only 28 successful students were accepted, 3,500 students competed, while...
  2. S

    Turkish hotel - Uk kid " abducted"
  3. S

    Kemer Kid

    If any members have contact with KK could you please let him know I was asking bout him and wish him happy New year. Thanks
  4. Spurs

    Being a kid again?

    Clever & novel. The giant benches that make adults feel like children - BBC News
  5. S

    French, german, piano, and kid swimming course urla

    Hi, I would like to get some infos about courses. Is there any german, french course in urla area? Also i'm looking for piano lesson and swimming for my kid. Thanks in advance.. Shirly

    Kemer kid mia

    Anyone know where KK one of the more entertaining members has been recently, certainly hope he has not jumped ship nor dare I say been pushed?
  7. S

    Kid was lucky!!!!

    Amazing footage Persevere with the short advert first Video of eagle attacking toddler sparks online buzz - Yahoo! News UK
  8. peter the postie

    Its back.. Santa's free personalised video's for the kid's!!

    This year the Portable north pole video's are better than ever!!! .. Go to the link below to make your free video. Santa video
  9. jewel

    Things Kid's say !!!

    Saturdays are spent watching my 2 Grandaughters Freya who is 3 and a half and Mya who is 16 months old, anyway after painstakingly putting all her dolls furniture in her doll's house Freya wanted me to be the dog!!!! (house has Mum doll,Dad doll,boy doll and girl the family pet dog...
  10. DRACEY

    Computer wizz kid

    As we silver surfers know, on occasion we have problems with our computers. Yesterday I had a problem with my computer running slow and so called in Eric the 11 year old kid from next door, whose bedroom looks like mission control and asked him to take a look at it. Eric clicked a couple of...
  11. peter the postie

    Not since I was a kid........

    Have I seen or heard a Cricket chirping in Manchester. I can remember walking through fields close to home when I was a lad and hearing them, but it became a sound exclusive to foreign holidays.... Until this morning!! We had just done the school run and I was sat with a cuppa on the deck...
  12. H

    Poor kid!!

    Terrible way to treat a child Unwanted Adopted Boy Sent Back To Russia - Yahoo! News UK
  13. Alexander

    Dentist for a kid

    Hi All! Mi 2 year old grnadson has some teeth problems. I would like to take him to a good dentist able to treat children. Can anyone recommend a specialist in Bodrum/Milas/Mugla/Izmir? Alexander
  14. KKOB

    I Wish I Was A Kid Again.

    What a great way for kids to spend a holiday! Glorious Gleneagles: The Scottish Highlands have a lot to offer one girl and her gun dog | Mail Online
  15. P

    Funny clip of a little kid scared by Frankenstein puppet

    I filmed this while on holiday last week in Spain, I ihope you enjoy it - it was a funny moment to see happen in front of me. Tell me what you think and if you like it please forward it to others who may like it. YouTube - Little kid scared by a singing Frankenstein puppet
  16. Alan Fidler

    One smart kid.

    The following is an actual question given on a university of Washington mid term chemistry exam. And apparently true... One smart assed answer I'd say. The answer by one student was so 'profound' that the professor shared it with colleagues, via the Internet, which is, of course, why we now...
  17. lara

    New kid on the block

    Hi Everyone, Not posted before but had a good look round, really good site. Living in South Yorkshire but have a house in Beldibi. I'm married to a Turkish man but still have a sense of humour and my sanity! Really enjoyed the Turkish Language posts, have lots of questions, so will be...
  18. B

    New kid on the block

    Hi all Big Pete from Kent in the UK , just joined and so figure i should say hello , so hello !! have followed the forum over the past few weeks as i am hoping to move to Turkey firstly for a test holiday home , and if i dont get mugged or ripped of or sexually harrased or shouted at ! Then...
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