1. M

    Cleaning Keyboard

    The keyboard on my main computer is driving me potty! A lot of the keys are not registering unless I re-push them. It requires more and more finger pressure to get them to work. I do sweep across it regularly with a soft brush and also have resorted to blowing from one end to the other...
  2. juco

    Free dell latitude laptop keyboard

    Anyone looking for a Dell latitude D600 keyboard I have one with one key missing if its any use to anyone (UK) just pay for postage £1.90.
  3. A

    Turkish Keyboard

    Hello. I bought a new laptop today and asked for language to be changed to Turkish. The staff did this but the keys do not translate properly. For example the full stop key gives / in normal and ? in capitals. I cannot find a combination for the full stop. At the moment I am using copy and paste...
  4. maggie

    turkish keyboard

    Does anyone know if you can turn a Turkish keyboard into a English Layout or on a Turkish keyboard where are all the symbols as theyre all in the wrong place I cant find AT or the Dot !!!!! thanks Maggie xxxxx
  5. Q

    Obtaining a laptop with a standard keyboard

    My four-year old laptop is literally falling apart—the screen's pulling away, a hinge is coming off, and it no longer closes. So while I ought to get a new laptop, the problem is that in Turkey, laptops are generally going to come with Turkish keyboards. While I sometimes need to type Turkish...
  6. essex_girl

    Piano keyboard

    Has anyone got ant ideas where I can buy a piano keyboard in the Bodrum area please? Don't want to spend too much.... It is just for practising. Thank you
  7. mollag

    Ex pats keyboard [male]

    What a great idea, get down to essentials! :114mf:
  8. teresa

    laptop with UK keyboard

    A friend has recently had her laptop stolen. Winter means there are fewer visitors coming who are able to bring one over. Is it possible to get a laptop with a UK QWERTY keyboard in Turkey? My Friend asked at Bimtek (?) in Fethiye and they could not help her.
  9. Minajayne

    LG laptop (netbook) - English keyboard

    For sale: LG X110 10-inch Netbook, Intel Atom, 1.6GHz, 1gb ram, 160GB, Windows XP Home. White. See link for specification: LG X110 Review Hardly used - excellent condition. Charger included. Brought over from the UK last year...selling as we each have laptops and dont use this (also known...
  10. R

    Logitech Wireless Keyboard (English) & Mouse For Sale

    Logitech Wireless Keyboard (English) and Mouse For Sale, as new 60TL Contact via profile or mobile 0537 940 4501
  11. mrkeith

    qwerty keyboard

    Didn't know this BBC News - Why do we all use Qwerty keyboards?
  12. Andy

    Computer & Keyboard cleaning Tip

    I used to use wipes to clean my screen & keyboard i always found they smeared the screen tho. Now i use a soft bristled paintbrush which gets rid of the dust & it works perfectly. So ok if you sneeze :sick: & pebbledash the screen or there are finger prints to be removed then the wipes would...
  13. Mushtaq

    English Keyboard wanted

    We need an English keyboard and can't find any in the Altinkum area, anyone know if it's possible to buy these around that area or anyone got a spare they want to sell?
  14. bickern

    UK Keyboard with Turkish Characters

    I have put this in its own thread because it may be useful to a few people. Vista users will need to disable UAC to install it then re-enable UAC after. Turkish Character Keyboard Layout once installed go to control panel and look in region and language (vista / win7) and remove all others...
  15. shirleyanntr

    turkish keyboard

    apart from having a keyboard that has turkish characters is there any other way of getting the turkish letters.
  16. murdo

    Keyboard on laptop

    My laptops key came off and is impossible to get back on as it's a cantilever arrangement I cannot get it to consistently type te letter after g now. I am sure tere is a way to reassign wat key does wat. Doeas anyone know? I was tinking or reassigning tis letter to a less used key? tanks Jackie
  17. B

    were off. english keyboard

    hi were off tonight to altinkum. im thinking of buying a computer over there were will be the best place ex, metro or soke. Also i have a english keyboard here is it worth taking it over . sandra also byeeeeeeeeeeeee to my lovely mates in the chat room and on the forum xxxxxx. if i dont get...
  18. merlin

    Next Generation Keyboard?

    Even the name of it sounds so sleek and lustrous... 'Optimus' Merv!
  19. merlin

    Turkish Keyboard Layout....

    Ive been meaning to explain how to add the Turkish keyboard to your computer running Windows and how to utilize this new keyboard layout - specially useful for anyone practising their Turkish skills. There are six letters in the Turkish alphabet that are not in the English alphabet. For...
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