1. bickern

    Parliament was key for Atatürk

    Parliament was key for Atatürk on the road to the republic. The decision of modern Turkey’s founder to open the first legislature despite the ongoing War of Independence was critical in setting the country on the path to becoming a republic, according to Professor Tülay Alim Baran. “While...
  2. W

    Key holding and change over service

    Hi does anyone know of an individual who offers a key holding and change over service in the Gulluk area.
  3. S

    Tax Key --what is this??

    My boyfriend was contracted to Turkey through a company in the United States. He has overcome numerous difficulties and setbacks but finally after 6 1/2 months the project was completed and the company that contacted him paid him via check. He took the check to the bank (he is US/Italian...
  4. N

    Key cutting

    Can anyone tell me where I could get a Turkish dead bolt security key cut in the Tuzla, Milas, Gulluk, Bodrum area. Cannot do it in UK as they cannot find the blank.Thanks
  5. D

    recommended key holding services???

    We now need a new provider of this service. Can anyome recommend a company they use please?
  6. lartiste22

    key 3G+ Vodafone

    Hello to you, Does anyone have information on buying a USB 3G vodafone. I have a laptop, but ZEUS, it is impossible to connect from the apartment on the wireless network of four seasons, with the exception of moving well. You would know the price of a 3G or 3G + key VODAFONE, capacity...
  7. A

    Lord Howell speaks about Turkey's role as a key regional and global power..

    Turkey, its neighbours and Europe 25 March 2011 - Lord Howell speaks about Turkey's role as a key regional and global power. An accurate or deluded account?
  8. ceemac

    Key figures in Turkish Cypriot election

    Turkish Cypriots vote for a new leader in crucial elections on Sunday which could determine the fate of reunification talks with Greek Cypriots and Turkey's bid to join the EU. Here C
  9. ceemac

    Key political risks to watch in Turkey

    An explanation of the current events in Turkey and things to watch out for that will affect the lira and markets - all interesting stuff! 'Strains between Turkey's Islamist-rooted AK Party and a secular establishment of generals and judges have fuelled speculation about early elections...
  10. C

    Cleaning and Key holding ?

    Can anyone here suggest any names of Managment companies in the area of Tasyaka. I am really after a good company that can Key hold , clean and possibly offer transfers although that is not essential but an advantage. Thanks Crystalclear
  11. R

    Sending key's

    Had our apartment for four years and have over come a few problems but didn't know who to trust with our key's on the recommendation of a english neighbor we asked a local estate agent to give us a price for a big clean sent the key's with trepidation through the post they arrived within a week...
  12. altinkum kev

    key holders

    Whilst i was in the noter office last week there was a couple registering a new company , and the information i got from them was that they had been here for 4 years and in all that time they had ended up with a lot of keys to peoples apartments so as to keep a check on them whilst owners...
  13. P

    Key holding and cleaning

    Hi I am thinking about renting my place in Long Beach Kusadas1 but would need to have someone handle the keys, meet the guests and do the cleaning any one got a good recommendation in that area? Peregrine
  14. B

    Turkish Computer key board

    Can any computer literate members inform me if it is posible to obtain a key board for my computer with the turkish alphabet symbles. or how to asign keys to function. :36:
  15. P

    Key Holder needed in Gundogan

    Hi I need someone to look after my house keys in gundogan so as estate agents can show people around my house there. The house is on the Afrodit sitesi near the green beech hotel so the nearer there the better. Or failing that someone who can ask around in gundogan. umut emlak was supposed to be...
  16. VWBug

    John KEY update

    John KEY John Key May I take the opportuntiy, now that my operation is over, and I am on the mend,to send this letter to you for publication. I would like to express my uttmost thanks to " Voices ", and in particular, to Hasan,for all that he has done during my illness. It came as a great...
  17. CrescentHomes

    Key Al-Qaeda Man Arrested in Diyarbakir, Turkey

    By Ercan Gun, Ufuk Koroglu Published: Thursday, August 11, 2005 Turkish security have arrested Luia Sakra and Hamed Obysi, two Syrian nationals suspected of providing and fabricating the bombs used in the Istanbul attacks on 15-20 November 2003, which killed 62 people...
  18. K

    Memory Key

    I have noticed some of the doctors I work with have a small key that they slot into the computer to call up or transfer some of their work. What exactly is this peice of hardware and how does it work? Also would you be able to use one of these randomly to transfer photos from someone's digital...
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