1. H

    It's Altinkum Kev's Birthday !

    Wishing you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY Altinkum Kev !!! Hilary x
  2. H

    Altinkum Kev !! It's your birthday.

    Wishing you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kev - so young too !! Hilary x:bigkiss:
  3. Mojive

    Happy Birthday altinkum kev

    Wishing you all the very best today on your birthday:party: :cheer2::cheer2: HAPPY BIRTHDAY :cheer2::cheer2: :pressie: Mo xx
  4. hijo

    Happy Birthday Altinkum Kev

    ...... Happy Birthday Kev ,With Many happy Efes Returns ......:cheers:
  5. altinkum kev

    Altinkum kev in Bulgaria.

    Don't panic I am here still alive and enjoying myself , I would say I did not like it if it were true, we do of course miss our friends back in Altinkum, I have nothing bad to say of Altinkum, I left as I did not like the way things were going with the country itself. I think we chose a very...
  6. hijo

    Altinkum kev

    ...... Happy Birthday Kev ,With Many Happy Efes Returns..
  7. Mojive

    Happy Birthday altinkum Kev

    Happy Birthday:party: altinkum kev enjoy your day! Mo xx
  8. S

    altinkum kev

    hi kev, do you want to pay up on your thomascook bet on them going bust now they have been given a 1.2 billion pound injection.? the 10 p0und bet for charity i would suggest goes to FIG in fethiye, if you pay the 10 pounds into an account i can give you i will pay it and post the reciept on...
  9. Mojive

    Happy Birthday Altinkum Kev!

    Have a good one Kev:3: Whatever you get up to today enjoy!!!!! Happy Birthday. :474cu: Mo xx
  10. ted j

    Happy birthday Altinkum Kev

    All the best Kev and everyone else celebrating. Ted
  11. yalicat

    Altinkum Kev Bristol Rovers

    This is painful to watch, I think WBA may get through, Steve Phillips is making me very very nervous
  12. Phil Johns

    Altinkum Kev

    Trying to raise Altinkum Kev any ideas????????
  13. no-nem

    Wheres Altinkum Kev??

    Anybody seen Altinkum Kev yet? He left in a van from uk about 3 weeks ago, and was going to phone me after the 20th ish.(not important). Just fascinated if his trip was successful.
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