1. mollag

    Black bottomed kettle

    This from Hurriyet Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said on Friday that cyber threats posed a "quiet, stealthy, insidious" danger to the United States and other nations, and called for "rules of the road" to guide behavior and avoid conflict on global computer networks. Hagel said he would...
  2. Yalides


    Found our spare kettle. 15TL
  3. S

    Pot calling the kettle.....

    Honesty integrity and credibility......yer having a laugh Major BBC News - Sir John Major criticises Tony Blair over Iraq war
  4. A


    Someone was talking about having a teasmade back in the 60`s and was commenting on the for`s and against of it. Well I bet they wish they had had one of these new kettles` that Tefal have just brought out. Boils in 3seconds. I suppose it will save people having to wait for the adverts on telly...
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